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4 Indispensable Laptop Accessories You Can’t Do Without

Those new pricey laptops you bought your executives are guaranteed to better productivity and boost sales, but how will they take it anywhere and keep it safe and secure without a bag? Your advertising executives will be thrilled with their latest MacBook Pros, but when working on campaigns on trains, planes, and in coffee shops, they will need a laptop screen privacy filter to safeguard intellectual property.

While a laptop by itself is already a highly convenient and handy device, you can further increase its usefulness by complementing it with various accessories. From USB ports, cooling pads, media cards, minivacs, USB lamps, and ID cards to theft-prevention gadgets, here are four indispensable accessories you can’t do without.

  1. Keep Laptops Safe and Secure in a Bag – It Is Necessary!

Imagine carrying a brand-new laptop without a bag and it drops, damaging the screen and possibly even the hard drive. Unthinkable, right? Of all the accessories on the market, the most important accessory of them all is a bag. Damage or loss of intellectual property can be inconvenient and pricey, but a durable, waterproof clamshell, hand-held sleeve, over-the-shoulder tote, or top loader with adjustable straps can protect your company notebooks against impact, drops, scratches, and water. Besides protection, it can also carry and protect additional accessories, such as cables, drives, chargers, or any other gadgets you use.

  1. Secure Your Intellectual Property with a Screen Privacy Filter

Whether you are using your notebook for work, research, or entertainment, you want to keep snooping eyes away. Surprisingly low-tech, a screen privacy filter consists of a fine, mesh polarized plastic sheet that works as an optical filter, blocking out light from certain angles. Hugging the screen, all angles but the one right in front of the screen is visible. This makes it impossible for someone to see the screen without being directly in front of the display.

  1. Make the Most Out of Your Laptop with a USB-C Connector

With so many laptops, tablets, and phones now featuring the interface, USB-C is used for sending simultaneous video signals and power streams on a single cable. While not every USB-C connector offers the same capabilities, a quality port will allow the user to connect to and power a native DisplayPort, MHL, or HDMI device, or connect to almost any other device. This indispensable accessory will ensure your notebook is being used to its full ability.

  1. Security Device

Today, theft is rife, and keeping devices safe and secure is very important, especially while travelling or when working in public places. While quality zips are a must, there are various types of security gadgets, such as combination locks and key locks that attach the device to some stationary object.

The Bottom Line

Having a laptop without these accessories is like driving a Lamborghini with no torque. These indispensable laptop accessories will keep your company notebooks and tablets safe and secure, and ensure your devices are being used to its their capacity.

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