A Wide Selection of Laptop Lock Cables in South Africa

Do you need a laptop lock cable that is compatible with the specific lock slot on your mobile device? Legion is your answer in South Africa! We manufacture and sell laptop lock cables that are compatible with Kensington standard and Nano lock slots, as well as Noble wedge lock slots for slimmer devices. These are 3 of the most common lock slot types that are featured on the world’s leading brands of laptops and notebooks.

The Purpose of a Lock Slot

Lock slots were invented with the primary purpose to discourage a quick grab-and-run theft attempt when using your laptop or notebook in public spaces. With the rapid evolution of the IT world over the past decades, we use our laptops and notebooks for personal and professional means. Therefore, it carries sensitive information and can access email accounts, bank accounts, and cloud storage wherever you are in the world. As a result, if your device is stolen, someone else may have access to your accounts, which is where a laptop lock cable can save the day.

Protecting your Personal Information

Lock slots are located next to an essential component of your device to ensure that such a component must first be removed to gain access to the lock slot. This clever placement ensure that the essential component will sustain damage if a lock cable is forcefully removed from its lock slot. Essential components can include RAM modules, display modules, and the battery – which would render the device worthless and inoperable if permanently damaged. When you attach your laptop to a security lock cable, you can have the peace of mind that your personal information is protected.

Buying a Compatible Laptop Lock Cable

Before buying a laptop lock cable, you must determine the lock slot type that is featured on your device. For larger laptop models, the common choice is a standard K-slot – marked with a “K” and a lock icon. This slot is 7 mm x 3 mm and is easily distinguishable from USB, HDMI, and Display ports. This specific type of lock slot fits a T-bar lock that rotates into place when locked. Normally, such a locking mechanism is operated by a unique round-key lock head, which also applies to the K-slot Nano locks.

Nano K-slots are 2,5 mm x 6 mm and are featured on smaller, or thinner, laptops and notebooks. Some manufacturers, such as Dell, prefer the Noble wedge lock for their thinner and smaller devices. The Noble lock slot fits a wedge lock that is commonly operated by a 4-digit locking mechanism. Since the lock head doesn’t require space for rotation, the Noble lock slot is the preferred choice for small, thin, and slim laptops and notebooks. Legion offers laptop lock cables that are compatible with these lock slots. Whether you want a lock cable for a single device or one that features multiple lock heads, we can accommodate your needs.

Legion is your first choice when it comes to laptop lock cables in South Africa. We also sell quality backpacks and carry cases that could make for an excellent gift this holiday season! Please browse our website for prices and details on our available products and order yours today.

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