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Lock Slots for Acer Notebooks and Laptops

Acer laptops and notebooks commonly have K-slots that fit regular Kensington locks. However, the newer and slimmer models can also feature Noble lock slots that are differently shaped to fit a wedge lock. These lock slots allow the owner to attach a secure lock to their Acer device, which in turn attaches to an immovable object via a cable lock that works similarly to a bicycle loop chain. Legion offers a variety of slot locks that can be ideal for your Acer device when you use it in a public space.

Why Do I Need a Slot Lock?

Laptops and notebooks are easy targets for a quick grab-and-go in public spaces such as airports, coffee shops, and storefronts. Therefore, the lock slots on such devices are designed and carefully located to discourage a theft attempt and ensure that the device will be irreparably damaged if the lock is forcefully removed. Because of the specific strategic placement of the lock slot on a laptop or notebook, a component that is required for the device to operate must be removed first to gain access to the slot. As a result, if the lock mechanism is forced out of its slot, it will damage a pivotal component to leave the device malfunctioning and useless.

How Do I Know Which Type of Lock Slot is Installed on My Device?

Kensington lock slots are about the size of a standard USB slot – 3 mm x 7 mm. These lock slots are marked with a capital-letter K either next to or inside of a lock icon. A K-slot fits a T-bar locking mechanism that locks into place perpendicular to the mechanism, providing strong physical resistance and causing noticeable cosmetic damage when forced from its slot. The majority of Acer laptops have K-slots. A Noble slot is 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm, resulting in a narrower slot gap that is designed to fit a wedge lock mechanism. Therefore, they are easily distinguishable.

Our Products

Our slot locks are designed using commercial-grade materials that deliver on quality and strength to make for a feasible solution when you use your devices in public spaces. We utilise commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium to manufacture our locking mechanisms. The locking mechanism is connected to a cable that is manufactured from galvanised high-tensile steel and sheathed in PVC to strengthen the cable and provide even more resistance if someone tries to cut it with scissors or a standard knife.

We offer 2 types of locking mechanisms to suit your preference, including a standard round key lock and a combination lock. We also offer Kensington and wedge lock mechanisms to ensure that you can get a slot lock that is perfect for your specific Acer laptop or notebook. If you are looking for workstation solutions, we also have slot locks with multiple locking mechanisms to connect to multiple devices and lock them into place.

If you want to take your Acer device wherever you go, Legion has the ideal set of products to ensure that you can use your device in open and public spaces without running the risk of a quick and petty theft attempt. For more info on our products, feel free to browse our website for details that include prices and specifications.

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