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Which Lock Slot Should I Get for My Acer Laptop?

Lock slots are standard on a selection of electronic hardware devices such as monitors, laptops, and notebooks. These slots are added into the design of such devices to allow their owners to lock them onto an immovable object when used in public spaces such as storefronts and airports. They are also useful to protect hardware that is used within an office space or campus. As part of the design of hardware featuring lock slots, the slots are strategically placed so that an essential part of the device must be removed to reach the slot manually. This also causes that specific essential part to sustain damage if the lock is forcefully removed from its socket.

Different types of Lock Slots

Acer hardware would commonly feature K-slots but can also feature Noble lock slots on newer and slimmer laptop and notebook models. These slots are usually marked with a little slot icon next to the slot itself. In the case of it being a Kensington slot, you will see a clear capitalised K either next to or inside of the slot icon marking the lock slot. K-slots are 3 mm x 7 mm, looking similar to a regular USB slot in size. Noble slots are smaller and narrower, making them easier to identify. It is pivotal to correctly identify the type of lock slot that your Acer device has before buying a lock for your device as the locks are considerably different in construction and locking functionality.

A K-slot features a T-lock that deploys perpendicular to the outer casing of the lock slot on the device when locked into place. This adds some resistance to potential outward pulling pressure and will certainly cause noticeable cosmetic damage if forcefully removed. The Noble slots lock with a wedge deployment when locked into place. Therefore, the casing inside the lock slots differ drastically to perfectly fit the type of lock it was designed for. The wedge locks are slimmer and smaller than the T-locks to accommodate thinner and smaller devices.

Our All-in-One Solution for Acer Devices

The Legion 3-in-1 Key Notebook Lock is an ideal answer when you have hardware and devices that feature different types of lock slots. This slot lock is fitted with 3 distinct lock heads that fit Kensington, Nano, and Noble lock slots, respectively. As a result, you are covered when you are looking for a lock slot to fit your Acer devices. This notebook lock is key operated and features a 2-m cable that is sheathed in dark smoke PVC coating. It connects to the lock heads with a swivel cable joint to allow cable movement that will not cause any tension on the lock heads when the cable moves or twists. Now, you can take advantage of locking your Acer device to an immovable object when using it in public spaces to discourage any petty theft attempts, as it would lead to irreparable damage that would render the device useless.

Legion is your first choice when you are looking for a lock slot for your Acer devices. We offer a selection of accessories to cater to your device and hardware security needs, including key operated and combination slot locks. For more info on our products, please browse our website for details.

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