Advantages of Laptop Backpacks

In Favour of Laptop Backpacks

Legion Computer Accessories, our company, which is known for the manufacture and supply of quality computer carry cases and security devices, was originally established in 1998 to produce and distribute security measures for desktop and notebook computers, as well as for office equipment and assets. As each technology advanced, our products were called upon to do so too.


Our diversification into the notebook carry case market was a natural progression, which developed from our original interests and the demands of our customers. The manufacture and supply of affordable, stylish, smart, and quality laptop carry cases was the result.

Evolution of Backpacks

Backpacks have long since ceased to only be used by hikers, camping enthusiasts, and young people who want to travel and see the world as inexpensively as possible and travel light, with minimal possessions carried on their backs.

The latter group stays in modest hostels and rooms that are set aside specifically for the use of like-minded travelling folks, known as adventurous, inquisitive, and intrepid backpackers, who may be seen with their thumbs aloft, looking for a ride – mainly along roads across Europe, Britain, and the USA.

Like so many other handy, user-friendly items, backpacks have evolved, and time travelled very successfully into the techno-savvy 21st century. Today, this mode of carrying everything from schoolbooks and sports equipment to camping gear and notebooks has come of age, with models specifically innovated and designed for a primary purpose and function.

Hands-Free and Posture Friendly

Laptop backpacks offer two distinct advantages to those who prefer this option to laptop bags. Back-mounted carriers are kinder to one’s back and posture, providing they take the user’s comfort into account, and are well-made with good-quality materials, as well as being ergonomically and anatomically correct in design and support. Secondly, they leave both the wearer’s hands completely free.

At Legion Computer Accessories, this range consists of many urban/business backpack options, designed for the protection and safety of laptop sizes from 14”, up to and including 17,3”, as well as the comfort of the user. All feature sturdy hand grips, padded shoulder straps for comfort, padded notebook compartments, and padded shoulders and backs, plus a variety of compartments, pockets, and organisers.

You never know when you might get caught up in an unexpected rain shower when you are travelling with your laptop at your disposal, but you do know that water and computers are not compatible. Hence, we also offer bags that provide their contents with a considerable degree of protection from rain. The Manhattan features an ergonomic back and an integrated rain cover. The Port Courchevel urban business laptop backpacks are also equipped with built-in rain covers.

The Manhattan Roller Bag is the proverbial Rolls Royce in this particular range, a 2-in-1 laptop backpack and trolley case, ideal for business travellers. Wheels are silent, so you do not announce your arrival and that of your bag, in trolley mode, like an approaching freight train. This outstanding option is loaded with well-designed, handy, and user-friendly features. It is a grand travel companion.

You can view details about our products on the rest of our website. Make us your pick of computer accessory suppliers.

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