Anti-theft Laptop Locks

Anti-Theft Laptop Locks: The Best Solution to Deter Long-Fingered Criminals

In 2019, 2,01 million crimes were recorded in South Africa, with 1,2 million incidents of personal-property theft. With 2020 proving to be another year of economic unrest and uncertainty, you need to step up your security, starting with your laptop.

Laptops Are a Hot Commodity 

It’s no surprise that the number 1 crime in South Africa is theft of personal property, with notebooks at the top of the list. Laptops get good prices on the black market. Dependent on the brand and model, notebook snatchers can make a couple of hundred rand per laptop, with you forced to fork out for a replacement. But it’s not just the cost of the device that’s concerning, it’s also the information on the device, such as your address, credit- and debit-card details, and all your work data or assignment material. It’s a huge inconvenience, financially and emotionally.

It’s Time to Step Up Your Security

With South Africa’s crime rate showing no signs of abating, improve your security before you become a victim yourself. As one of South Africa’s leading computer-security experts, we believe people’s first line of defence should be laptop locks. Notebook snatchers look for easy targets and the risk of theft is reduced if your laptop is secured to a wardrobe or table.

Laptop locks are strong, affordable, and easy to use. Every laptop manufactured during the last 30 years comes with a Kensington slot that works with a lock. Like when using bicycle locks, one finds a fixed anchor point such as a cupboard, desk, table, or any object that will be very difficult to lift or remove. Wrap the cable around or through the object, and your device will suddenly become far more difficult to steal.

Keep Your Investment on a Leash with Legion

Specialising in computer security, we’ve been supplying the market with top-quality products, such as locks, zips, USB ports, media and ID cards, USB lamps, bags, screen filters, and theft-prevention gadgets for over two decades. With years of experience in preventing personal-property crime, we can even customise locks, bags, and other devices to suit your needs.

Standard to Double Combination with a Twist

With a mission to not just stop thieves in their tracks, but to deter them completely, we provide South Africans with a superior-quality range of combination and key locks that come in standard, double combination, multi 3 in 1, double combination with a twist, wedge, and executive. Our leash lengths vary from 1,5 to 2 m.

No working individual can afford to be without their device nowadays so, whether you’re a victim of laptop theft, you know someone mugged in broad daylight for their device, or you’re concerned about crime in your neighbourhood, you need to pay attention to your home and workplace security. While device locks and bags are a smart choice, also use your common sense. Never leave your laptop unattended in public, never walk with your device exposed for everyone to see, and never leave your device in your vehicle, exposed.

To learn more about our security products, chat with us today. Not only do we provide warranties, but we also deliver to your door.

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