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Bag your Laptop Beautifully

Modern technology has altered a host of habits and methods of accomplishing everything from ordinary, mundane, everyday tasks to those that are highly specialised, complex, and challenging, without the “tools of the trade” and ideally, their accessories too.

The facts and faces of communication have changed completely. Moreover, changes continue unabated, as technology advances at a rate of knots. Wherever there are signals and means to connect, one finds cell phones and laptop computers, the masters of mobile communication.

These devices are so universally accepted throughout the world that they have actually virtually become fashion accessories to a sufficiently affluent, trendy generation, who also wants the latest accessories, notably the ultimate accessory – the laptop bag.

An Attractive, Important Accessory

Your Legion Computer Accessories’ laptop bag, irrespective of its design, style, and size, is certain to be appealing and attractive, as befits an accessory that you are proud to carry with you when you are on the move.

However, as you well know, a bag’s ability to protect and shield its contents – your prized notebook – from incidental and accidental damage and destruction, is its essential and fundamental function. The fashionable aspect is a tad further down the list of notebook accessory priorities.

One Solution

Although newer generations of laptops have become more compact, much slimmer, and lighter in weight, they are not exactly lightweight items to carry about with ease; nor are they fitted with handles to give one a firm, non-slip grip. There is really one and one only solution: a bag that is specifically designed to snugly fit, protect, safely store, and carry notebooks.

A Legion of Laptop Bags

Legion Computer Accessories in South Africa offers fine ranges of robust, yet stylish notebook carriers. While most of our accessories are expertly designed and manufactured in South Africa, we are now also proud to include the PORT Designs accessory range with our products, giving our customers outstanding, extensive collections from which to choose and accessorise.


  • Three entry level, top loader carrier, and USB-wired mouse bundles, available in smart black, or funky blue or red
  • Three PORT Designs top-loading models for 10 – 13”, 13 – 14”, and 14 – 15” notebooks
  • Three PORT Designs clamshell options
  • A super-stylish, elegant, black pinstripe ladies’ notebook bag, weighing only 1,25 kg. This model has a shoulder strap, and is fitted with chic top grab handles and offers a multitude of internal storage compartment to ensure that stored items are conveniently and easily accessible.

In the unlikely event that you do not find the laptop bag that meets with your requirements in our comprehensive range, let us know, so that together, you and Legion Computer Accessories can investigate the possibility of customising the design of your dreams.

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