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Laptop Locks: Making the Smart Choice

How To Make the Smartest Choice About Laptop Locks It is vital to keep our computers safe – not only because the hardware is so expensive, but also because our data and software on the computer can be very valuable. Laptops are notoriously easy to steal because they...

Laptop Bag Must-haves

3 Top Reasons Why a Good Laptop Bag Is an Absolute Must-Have A lot of people still use the good old-fashioned laptop bags that are typically sold along with the laptop, but our needs have changed, and computers are now more mobile than they used to be. Whether you...

Laptop Backpacks – Choosing the Best

3 Top Tips on Choosing the Best Laptop Backpack for Your Needs While many people think that all computer bags are basically a one-fits-all solution, to keep your laptop safe while on the move, there are actually quite a few different types to choose from. All of these...

Choose the Original Kensington Cable Lock

Protecting one’s assets has become quite a task. It seems device theft is always on the rise and if you want to keep your valuables safe, you need to be on the alert at all times. The Kensington cable lock makes it easy to keep your laptop safe and secure! It is safe...