Choosing Your Laptop Bag

3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laptop Bag

Computers have become part of our daily lives, and most people now have access to a laptop. We love laptops purely because they are light and easy to carry around. Modern technology has allowed for vast improvements when it comes to the size and weight of laptops, and some computers are even small enough to fit into an ordinary handbag. For those who like their screens a bit bigger, however, it is important to choose a carrier or backpack that will suit their needs perfectly. Here are some things to consider before making a decision about which computer bag to purchase.

  1. Handheld/Shoulder Bag or Backpack: The traditional laptop carrier is similar to a briefcase, and most of them have handles for carrying or shoulder straps that allow it to be carried over the shoulder. Laptop backpacks are carried on the back and leave the hands free for other activities. If you spend a lot of time carrying your computer around, a backpack will probably be best because they are less cumbersome to carry, but if you only carry the laptop short distances, a stylish over-the-shoulder- or briefcase-style computer bag may be just what you need.
  2. Snug Fit: It may seem obvious, but your laptop has to fit snugly into the carrier. If the fit is too tight, it will be a hassle every time you try to get your computer into the carrier. If the fit is too big, the computer will bounce around in the compartment and may get damaged. A solid, snug fit is best to protect the computer against shock and impact. If you regularly carry other objects in your carrier with the computer as well, ensure that everything can fit without putting pressure on the laptop.
  3. Protection: Travelling with your portable computer always leaves it exposed to theft or damage. If you regularly travel around with your computer, a backpack will probably be your best option because it leaves the hands free to carry other luggage. A handheld or over-the-shoulder carrier, however, could be safer, because it will be very hard for anybody to steal a computer from these types of carriers.

For safety, locks can be added to the bag that will anchor the bag to the computer, which means that it cannot be removed. Hidden zippers and locking fasteners can also be used to prevent theft. The bag must also be able to protect the computer from water in case it rains, so choose a carrier that seals properly and shields the computer from rain and impact.

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