Combination Lock Benefits

The Top 2 Benefits of Locking Down Your Laptop with a Combination Lock

Anyone who has ever lost a laptop will understand the frustration and pain of losing all their valuable information, photographs, music, and personal details. Sure, you might be able to access some of your lost data saved in the cloud, but what about the financial loss of the device?

Proving to be a lucrative business for thieves, laptops are the second most stolen item in South Africa. That said, you’re probably interested in purchasing a laptop lock—and when it comes to choosing the best lock, combination locks outperform.

Here’s why you should lock down your investment with a combination lock…

Benefit 1: No Key, No-Risk or Added Expense 

With so much going on in our daily lives, being forced to carry a bunch of keys around is already an inconvenience for many. It’s easy to be forgetful and misplace or lose keys, often leading to security breach risks and the added expense of having to remove and replace the entire lock. While you could also forget your code, the benefits of not having to worry about a tiny key every day is far greater.

Benefit 2: Better Security Equals Peace of Mind

Today’s thieves are masterminds at manipulating the locking mechanisms of keylocks. While keylocks provide an entry point of weakness, combination locks are sealed units that are almost impossible to crack. Besides defence, they are sturdier and can outwear a key lock. With a combination lock, you get peace of mind.

We Are Specialists in the Provision of Laptop Security

Laptop snatchers look for easy targets, and while the best solution is to never leave your laptop unattended or exposed to prying eyes, you can also block temptation with a quality combination lock from Legion Computer Accessories. At Legion, we\’ve been supplying the South African marketplace with top-quality security devices and accessories for over two decades.

Choose One of Several Quality Combination Locks

As one of the leading laptop security experts in South Africa, we provide several combination locks that range from standard, double, multi 3 in 1, double combination with a twist, and wedge lock heads, to executive locks.

Warranties and Delivery to Your Door

Specialists in the provision of laptop security, we keep laptops and devices safe and secure from prying eyes and hands. At Legion, not only do we have everything you need to keep your laptop safe, secure and stylish, but we also provide excellent warranties – and we deliver to your door too.

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