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Deter Campus Laptop Snatchers with Thief-Proof Combination Locks and Laptop Bags

It is almost the start of a new academic year, which means students from all over the country will be bringing their laptops with them to campus. But moving onto campus means sharing your space with hundreds of other students, and this means you will want to ensure your laptop is well-protected in case someone tries to swipe it from you when you are not looking.

No one wants to come back to a missing laptop. Just think about all your notes, research papers, and your music and photographs. You can avoid this with laptop combination locks. Most laptops have a security slot, which is called a Kensington slot. Just run the cable around something sturdy, like a table that is fixed to the ground, and lock it to your security slot.

Laptop snatchers look for easy targets, and the risk of theft will go right down if your laptop suddenly comes paired with a wardrobe or table. Attaching your laptop to a fixed object gives you the freedom to not have to worry about leaving your room for a quick bathroom break or your roommate leaving the door open while you are not there.

We Are Specialists in the Provision of Laptop Security

While keeping your laptop safe and secure on campus takes good common sense, it also takes a quality combination lock from Legion Computer Accessories. With a mission to not just stop thieves in their tracks, but to deter them completely, we have been supplying the market with top-quality security products for over two decades.

We Provide Several Combination Locks

As specialists in the provision of laptop security, we provide South Africans with the most exceptional range of security devices to keep computers safe and secure from prying hands. Make your choice from the standard, double combination, multi 3-in-1, double combination with a twist, and the wedge lock head to the executive lock.

You Need a Quality Laptop Bag
Campus living is not always laptop-friendly and going by their price, you will want to prevent your device from impact, scratches, and water damage. We also provide quality waterproof blacktop loaders, clamshells, over-the-shoulder totes with adjustable straps, and red, black, and blue top loader bundle carriers that boast a USB-wired mouse and a multitude of internal storage compartments. For those after some style, we supply leather backpacks and rolling backpacks with extra padding and compartments to hold cables, drives, chargers, and any other gadgets required.

At Legion Computer Accessories, we provide excellent warranties on our all products and we also deliver. Whether you are looking for locks, quality zips, USB ports, media cards, USB lamps, ID cards, laptop bags, screen privacy filters, or theft-prevention gadgets – we are the smart choice for all your computer security needs.

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