Combinations Locks For Laptop Security

Laptop Combination Locks: Why They Should Be Your First Choice for Security

Did you know that, after cellphones, laptops are the most sought-after items on the black market? In 2018, there were 1,2 million incidents of theft of personal property in South Africa, with laptops high on the list. It happens in the office, on trains, in coffee shops, on-campus in libraries, and off-campus in student residences.

It is terrible to have your laptop stolen and more so if you’re not insured. Your laptop holds all your contacts, passwords, photographs, and important study notes or business documents – but it’s its portability makes it such an easy target for thieves. Laptop snatchers look for easy targets and the risk of theft is vastly reduced if your laptop is secured to a wardrobe, bed, cubicle, table, or the floor. Whether you’re a victim of laptop theft yourself or you know someone mugged for theirs, you need to take heed and keep your investment on a leash with a combination lock.

How Can Combination Locks Safeguard Laptops?

Attaching laptops to fixed objects and then doubling up their security with durable combination locks give you the freedom to not have to worry about leaving it unattended for a moment in an office, library, coffee shop, hotel, student residence, or anywhere your laptop could possibly be at risk if out of sight for more than a minute or so.

So, here’s how these popular security gadgets work. Laptops have a security slot, known as a Kensington slot. Like bicycle locks, one runs the cable around something sturdy like a table or cubicle that is fixed to the ground and lock it to your security slot. At home, you can also attach it to a solid, immovable anchor point like a cupboard, table, or bed – and your laptop suddenly becomes far more difficult to steal.

Safeguard Your Investment with the Laptop Security Experts

At Legion Computer Accessories, we believe that people’s first line of defence should be laptop locks, followed by a quality, waterproof laptop case or backpack. As specialists in laptop security, we provide South Africans with a quality range of locks, including the Legion standard combination, double combination, 3 in 1 multi, double combination with a twist and wedge lock head, and Executive lock.

Whether you’re looking for locks, quality zips, USB ports, media or ID cards, USB lamps, laptop bags, screen filters, or other theft-prevention gadgets, we are the smart choice for all your security needs. We provide excellent warranties on all our products and we deliver to your door.

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