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Security Solutions for Your Computer

With the birth of information technology, computers became part of our everyday lives, being utilised for both business and recreational purposes. We are at a point where we travel with our laptops and smartphones to ensure that we can access everything that we need, no matter where we are in the world. Businesses also fit their offices with computers to allow their employees to be more efficient and stay connected to an internal network and server. As a result, computers carry valuable information and details that could grant access to various accounts, making them susceptible to theft or hacking.

How Can I Protect My Computer?

There are several methods to ensure that your computer is more difficult to hack, with a variety of available software to protect your device on a digital front. However, you must also ensure that your device does not get physically stolen, and this is where Legion can be your solution. We offer locks for desktop and laptop computers to give you a feasible solution to discourage any theft attempts on your devices in public spaces. Whether you are sitting in a coffee shop and browsing through social media pages or in an office building with business computers, your devices must be secured to discourage any theft attempts.

Desktop Computer Locks

Desktop computers, or more commonly referred to as towers, are the best option for high performance and long hours. Therefore, the majority of offices and workspaces will utilise desktop computers as opposed to laptops. We offer viable security solutions for desktop computers to ensure that your tower is safe and secure within an office setting or at home. Since desktops do not feature lock slots, these products have been innovated and adapted to fit the needs of a tower, starting with our LEGION CPU Box with Lock.

This product offers a customisable steel cage that can be bolted to the floor. It is ideal for high-risk public areas, offices, and storefronts to ensure the safety and security of computer towers used in such environments. It features a secure lock system to lock the case in position and keep your computer safe within. It also has ventilation holes to ensure that your device can keep cool and not overheat while inside. With the handy floor bolts, the CPU Box will stay in position and discourage any theft attempts. This product is available with a key lock or a combination lock to suit your needs.

Protecting My Handheld Devices

Laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones are computers as well, making them attractive targets for theft within public spaces. Laptops and notebooks commonly feature lock slots that can fit a laptop lock. In most cases, such devices will feature a K-slot that can fit a Kensington T-lock. Smaller and slimmer devices are likely to feature a wedge lock slot that can fit a Noble wedge lock.

At Legion, we manufacture and sell good-quality products for both K-slot and Noble slot devices, ensuring that you can secure your device to an immovable object when using it in public spaces. For more info on our computer locks, please browse our website for images and prices. Secure your computers today with us on your side.

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