Dell Laptop Locks for Sale in South Africa

Do you own a Dell notebook or laptop and want a solution to protect your device when using it in public spaces? Legion is your supplier of Dell laptop locks in South Africa! We offer a wide selection of security lock cables that includes cable that are compatible with Kensington and Noble lock slots respectively. We also sell cables that feature multiple lock heads to accommodate workstations at the office or in the classroom – allowing multiple devices to be secured with a single security cable.

Noble Wedge Lock Slots

Noble wedge lock slots are the common choice for Dell laptop locks – featuring a thinner and slimmer lock slot that is ideal for thinner and slimmer notebooks and laptops. Noble lock slots are 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm and easily distinguishable from USB, HDMI, and display port slots on your Dell laptop. The locking mechanism that fits a Noble lock features a trapezoidal wedge that springs into place when locked – delivering optimal resistance to any force that tries to break it free from the device.

Perfect for Travelling

When you plan to take your Dell laptop with you when travelling, one of our security lock cables can be your ideal travel partner. We also offer a selection of carry cases and backpacks to make life easy to take your laptop or notebook with you, wherever you go. Our range of Nano lock slots delivers quality and easy operation to ensure that your device and its contents are both protected against petty theft attempts when using your device in public spaces.

Why Should I Care About Protecting My Laptop?

In today’s world, we utilise our personal laptops and notebooks for much more than just opening Word documents or presenting PowerPoint presentations. We access our bank accounts online, log into social media accounts, and access our emails on our laptops and notebooks – making them high-priority targets for easy theft attempts. Your personal accounts’ information is stored on your device, which can be detrimental when falling into the wrong hands. With the function and strategic location of lock slots, your Dell laptop lock slot can protect both your device and personal data to discourage any theft attempts.

Legion’s Answer to Dell Laptop Locks

The Legion wedge combination notebook lock is an ideal selection for people who own Dell laptops or notebooks with Noble lock slots. This security lock cable features a 4-digit combination lock and doesn’t require a round key. The combination lock features a resettable combination function – with 10 000 possible combinations. The cable that is attached to this locking assembly is manufactured from galvanised high-tensile steel and sheathed in dark smoke PVC to provide optimal resistance against basic cutting tools. This cable includes a bumper spacer and a Velcro strap, along with a 3-year warranty.

When you need a supplier of Dell laptop locks in South Africa, Legion is your solution in South Africa! Please browse our website for details on our available products and order yours today. Take advantage of smart security solutions for your Dell laptop with Legion’s selection of compatible security lock cables today.

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