Dell Laptop Locks

Lock Cables for Dell Laptops

Dell is one of the most recognisable brands of computers, laptops, and hardware within the workplace and at home. As a hardware manufacturer, Dell ensures that the owners of their devices and hardware can utilise cable locks to lock their devices to heavy or immovable objects by adding lock slots to their laptops, display monitors, and the like. These lock slots are specifically designed to fit unique locks and discourage any petty theft attempts, as the lock will cause irreparable damage to the device in the case of being forced from the slot.

Identifying the Correct Lock Slot Type on Your Dell Laptop

Kensington slots are the most common type of lock slot on mobile devices such as laptops. Dell prefers to use Noble lock slots on the majority of their devices. This specific type of lock slot fits a wedge lock and is easily identifiable when compared to USB and HDMI slots on your device. The size of the slot is 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm and is strategically placed on the device in such a way that an essential component must be removed to gain access to the lock slot. Therefore, you can utilise a cable lock in public spaces or at home to protect your device and its contents.

How Can a Laptop Cable Lock Protect My Dell Laptop?

Laptops are some of the most versatile mobile computer devices, ideal for travelling and taking your work with you, wherever you go. As a result, laptops will normally carry mass amounts of personal information, making these devices invaluable. When someone uses their laptop in a public area, they are susceptible to the chance of someone grabbing their device and disappearing. Losing your personal laptop is like losing your wallet in today’s world, with all your personal info, access to your accounts, and other sensitive data stolen. Luckily, you can avoid this catastrophe by employing a cable lock.

When your Dell laptop is attached to an immobile object with a cable lock and someone tries to grab it, the cable will keep the device attached to the object. If excessive force is applied, the lock could break free from its slot. However, this will cause noticeable visual damage to the device, along with damaging an essential component on the device, rendering it useless and unable to be sold for a quick buck. As a result, the thief will be unable to access your personal information and be left with a worthless piece of hardware.

Legion’s Selection of Cable Locks

Legion offers a wide selection of laptop cable locks that are compatible with Noble lock slots. We offer round-key and combination locks that are available with different cable lengths to suit your needs. If you have a workstation with multiple devices, we also offer cable locks that feature multiple lock heads to secure all your devices with a single cable. Please feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and secure your Dell laptop when you use it in public spaces today.

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