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Noble Slot Locks for Your Dell Notebook

We have become dependant on our mobile smart devices to such an extent that most of our business and personal info can be stored and accessed through our smartphones, notebooks, and laptops. Therefore, when we use such devices in public, we must take care that they are secure and safe. People will often get on their notebooks and laptops in coffee shops, airports, and other similar public spaces to get some work done, check social media, or simply pass the time. As a result, their attention will be on their screens as opposed to their surroundings. This is where a notebook lock comes into play.

How Does a Notebook Lock Work?

Laptops and notebooks commonly feature lock slots that allow their owners to secure their devices when used in public spaces. Dependent on the brand, your device will either feature a Noble or Kensington lock slot. Certain Dell models are now built with a Wedge Lock slot, while some still have the K-slot or T-Type slot” Legion has a solution for all of the DELL models.

Notebook locks can discourage petty theft attempts and ensure that your device will not give up your personal data.

Lock slots are strategically placed close to essential hardware. Therefore, should someone forcefully break the lock, they will harm a piece of hardware that is necessary for the device to function. These can include memory banks, drives, and batteries. Although it is possible to forcefully remove such a lock, the position of the lock slot will discourage someone to damage the lock and purposefully damage the device. Our Dell notebook locks are available in key locks and combination locks, giving you the freedom to choose which type of lock will suit you best.

Notebook Lock Construction

Dell notebooks require a Noble wedge lock that inserts into the lock slot and locks into place accordingly. Attached to the lock is a secure cable that should be fastened around an immovable object to ensure that your device is secure. Our Dell Wedge Master Key Notebook Lock features a 2-m galvanised high-tensile steel cable that is sheathed in a dark smoke PVC coating and connected to the lock via a swivel cable joint. The locking assembly features a zinc alloy lock body with a tubular key mechanism to ensure that the lock itself is sturdy and kept in place within the lock slot. This Dell notebook lock comes with a set of 2 keys, a table clamp with a screw, and a foam spacer. We also offer a 3-year warranty on this product.

If you prefer a combination lock over a key lock, our Wedge Combination Notebook Lock is an ideal candidate. The locking assembly on this lock features a 4-digit combination mechanism and comes with a bumper spacer and a Velcro strap. It also comes with a 3-year warranty and features the same cable as the Master Key Notebook Lock.

Legion is your first choice when you are looking for a notebook lock for your Dell notebook or laptop. We offer a wide variety to ensure that you find the ideal lock for your device. For more info on our products, please browse our website for images and prices. Secure your Dell smart device today with one of our notebook locks.

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