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Lock Cables for Your Dell Hardware

Dell is one of the leading digital brands in South Africa, with a wide selection of laptops, notebooks, display monitors, and other hardware. Dell devices will commonly feature Noble lock slots that fit wedge locking heads. These lock slots are incorporated into the devices to give their owners the means to attach their devices to immovable objects when using them in public spaces or at home. The function of these slots is to discourage grab-and-run theft attempts, as well as to protect personal information your devices.

How Can a Laptop Cable Lock Protect My Personal Information?

If you own a Dell laptop, a cable lock that is compatible with a Noble lock slot will protect the information on your laptop in the case of a petty theft, as the lock slot is strategically placed to damage an essential component on your device if the slot is forced from its socket, leaving it useless. The device will also have noticeable damage around the broken slot, meaning that pawn shops will not buy the laptop if the thief tries to pawn it for quick cash.

Cable Locks for Dell Workstations

Dell is a popular supplier of computers, monitors, and other hardware for several businesses in South Africa. As a result, our cable locks can be an ideal solution for workstations in office spaces, classrooms, and storefronts that utilise Dell hardware. We offer custom cable locks that have multiple locking heads, giving you the means to attach multiple devices with a single cable. Now, you can have the peace of mind that the hardware at such workstations is secure.

Legion’s Cable Locks

We manufacture and sell cable locks that are compatible with Noble lock slots, which are common on Dell hardware. We use commercial-grade steel, brass, and aluminium for our locking heads. For the cables, we use galvanised steel that is sheathed in PVC for optimal resistance to basic cutting tools. Our products include combination and round-key lock options, along with different cable lengths and multiple locking heads to cater to your specific needs. Whether you want a single laptop cable lock or a multiple locking head solution, we have you covered.

Can I Use a Cable Lock for My Dell Hardware at Home?

Apart from being a smart solution to secure your hardware in public spaces, our cable locks can also be useful for your workstation at home. The most common workstation setup at home will utilise a docking station for a laptop, along with a display monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Some people work better with multiple display monitors or use other hardware such as external audio equipment. If you need a cable lock that can fit into your Dell monitor and laptop simultaneously, our products are your answer to secure your hardware at home as well.

Legion is your first choice when you have Dell hardware and need cable locks to secure your hardware. For more info on our available products, please browse our website for details and prices. Secure your hardware today with our selection of useful cable locks.

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