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Lock Cables for Dell Hardware

In the IT world, everyone is familiar with Dell as one of the leading brands in this marketspace. Dell computers, laptops, and notebooks are some of the most frequently used hardware in offices and for business purposes in South Africa. Dell also manufactures accommodating hardware such as display monitors and specialised external hardware for workstations. If you are looking for quality cable locks that will fit your Dell hardware, Legion is your first choice.

Locks for Dell Hardware in the Office

Although office life has been forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hardware at the workstations in the office still need protection against petty theft attempts. If your office uses Dell hardware at workstations, you can secure the devices with lock cables that fit into the lock slots of the hardware. You can also use desktop lock cases to ensure that computer towers are fastened to the floor or table. Legion can assist with lock cables and desktop lock cases that are compatible with Dell hardware, giving you the peace of mind that your office hardware is safe and secured in the workplace.

Locks for Dell Hardware in Public Spaces

If you own a Dell laptop or notebook, you are most likely to take your work with you wherever you go. With a lock cable, you can attach your laptop to an immovable object or structure when using your device in restaurants, airports, or any other public space where someone might try to steal your laptop. Lock cables are designed to discourage a petty theft and protect your personal sensitive data on your device in the case of a lock break. Therefore, you can use your Dell laptop wherever and whenever you want.

How Can a Lock Cable Protect My Personal Data?

Laptops are useful mobile computers that grant us access to our business and personal accounts for emails, social media, and communication apps such as Zoom, WhatsApp, and Teams. As a result, if someone gets their hands on your laptop and gains access to your accounts, they can cause havoc or even threaten you by holding your data hostage. Luckily, lock slots do not only discourage petty theft, but also protect your data by being placed next to an essential component on your laptop.

Dell laptops are commonly fitted with Noble lock slots that fit a wedge lock. To gain access to the lock slot, an essential component such as the battery or a RAM module must first be removed. If a lock head is forcefully broken out of the lock slot, it would also cause damage to the essential component, rendering the device useless. Therefore, your personal data cannot be accessed directly from the device, and the device would be worthless as a result of noticeable and irreparable damage.

Legion is your first choice if you are looking for a lock cable that is compatible with your Dell hardware. We offer lock cables that feature single or multiple lock heads, with a choice between round-key and combination locks to suit your preferences. Please browse our website for details on our available products and take control of your device security when using your Dell laptop in public spaces.

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