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Wedge Locks for Your Dell Notebook

Security is one of the biggest concerns regarding the world of information technology. We carry around personal and sensitive information on our smart devices, which must be protected at all times to avoid any leaks. When it comes to software-based solutions, there are several ways to protect your data. However, you must also protect your physical devices from getting stolen, as they can grant access to personal and/or corporate passwords and accounts. This is where Legion comes into the picture, delivering solutions for people with Dell notebooks.

What is a Security Lock Slot?

With the introduction of laptops, the world of computers and information technology started focussing on mobile technology, leading to where the common smart phones and tablets are today. There are various brands of notebooks, with Dell being one of the leading manufacturers in this space. Since notebooks and laptops are used in public spaces such as restaurants and airports, they are some of the more likely targeted items to steal. Therefore, manufacturers started to include a security lock slot into their models, allowing owners to utilise notebook locks to secure their devices in public areas.

How Does a Notebook Lock Work?

Notebook locks work in a similar fashion as bicycle chains. These locks attach to your notebook by plugging into its security lock slot. At the other end, the cable is attached to an immovable structure, securing your notebook in place in the same fashion that a bicycle chain secures a bicycle to a pole. Dell notebooks and laptops are mostly not compatible with standard K-slot locks and feature thinner security slots instead. These slots are compatible with wedge locks, which are commonly manufactured by Noble. If you are looking for a manufacturer of wedge slots in South Africa, Legion is your answer.

Dell notebooks are mostly compatible with thinner wedge locks, dependent on the type of security lock slot on specific models. We offer a Legion Wedge Combination Notebook Lock that fits into a Noble wedge slot size of 3.2 mm x 4.5 mm. This lock features a galvanised high-tensile steel cable that is sheathed in a dark smoke PVC coating and has a 360˚ swivel cable joint to allow for smooth movement and transition while locked. The cable is 4.4 mm thick and 2 m in total length. The locking assembly features a 4-digit resettable combination to allow for a large variety of possible combinations.

We also have a Double Combination Notebook Lock with a Twist and Wedge Lock Head, featuring 2 combination lock heads that include a standard and a wedge lock. This type of lock is ideal to lock workstations with Dell Latitude notebooks and monitors. The cable is 6 mm thick, incorporating aluminium and plastic for added dexterity and strength. The lock assembly is manufactured from commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium. It comes with a 3-year warranty and can serve as a feasible solution for workstations at the office or in other public spaces.

If you are looking for notebook locks that would fit a Noble lock slot on your Dell laptop or notebook, Legion has you covered. For more info on our available products, please browse our website for details.

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