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Noble Slot Locks for Your Dell Notebook

Noble slots are designed to fit wedge lock mechanisms and are commonly featured on Dell notebooks and laptops. These lock slots are usually 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm, ideal for slimmer and smaller devices in comparison to Kensington slots. The position of the slot on a Dell device is strategically located next to an essential piece of hardware that must be removed to gain access to the slot. Therefore, if a lock mechanism is forcefully broken out of its lock socket, it will cause damage to the essential hardware and render the device irreparable.

How Can I Utilise a Noble Slot Lock for My Dell Hardware?

Dell is a well-known supplier of office computers and electronic equipment, which makes our Noble slot locks ideal for professional workstations in an office or campus setting when utilising Dell laptops, notebooks, and display monitors. If you have a storefront, you can also utilise slot locks to ensure that your equipment on display or at your pay points are secure. Dell computers are also popular choices for home use, along with Dell display monitors. If you want to secure your workstation at home, our slot locks can be your answer.

Legion’s Noble Slot Locks for Dell Hardware

At Legion, we manufacture wedge slot locks that fit Dell hardware with Noble slots. We also manufacture Kensington locks that fit K-slots. We use commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium to manufacture our lock mechanisms, which are available in either a round key or combination lock for your convenience. The 4-digit combination locks offer 10 000 combinations to give you the peace of mind to use it in public spaces, while the round key locks are uniquely designed to only fit a round key shape as opposed to a standard key shape.

We attach the locking mechanism to a cable that is manufactured from galvanised high-tensile steel and sheathed in a layer of PVC to ensure that the cable cannot be cut by common scissors or a standard knife. The cable loops around a heavy or immovable object to secure your Dell device where you use it, whether it is at an office desk or a coffee shop table. Now, a thief will think twice before trying to grab your device.

Home and Office Workstation Solutions

We also offer slot locks that have multiple locking heads for locking multiple devices simultaneously. Dell hardware can include PCs, laptops, display monitors, and several external electronic equipment that can be secured by utilising a Noble lock slot with multiple locking heads. Such a product also simplifies the workstation security, only using a single slot lock to attach all your hardware to a heavy or immovable object.

Legion is your first choice when you are looking for slot locks for your Dell laptop, notebook, or display monitor. Please browse our website for prices, images, and specifications on our products to find the ideal Noble slot lock that will accommodate your needs. Go into 2021 with the peace of mind that your Dell hardware is secure, no matter where you are.

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