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Laptop and Notebook Locks for Dell Electronic Devices

Dell electronic devices commonly feature Noble lock slots that fit wedge locks. These slots are 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm and easy to identify on a laptop or notebook. In comparison to a regular USB slot, a Noble lock slot is narrower and a little taller to accommodate a wedge lock mechanism. This type of lock slot is preferred on slimmer and smaller devices due to its size and structure. Kensington slots are more common on mainstream electronic devices and clearly marked with a capitalised K that is next to a slot icon. For most Dell devices, though, you will be dealing with a Noble lock slot.

How Can a Noble Slot Protect My Dell Device?

Noble lock slots are designed to fit a wedge lock that is usually attached to a notebook or laptop slot lock’s cable. The cable is designed to wrap around an immovable object, locking the device into place in the same way that a bicycle chain would function. Noble slots are strategically incorporated into the design of Dell hardware, placing the slot next to an essential part of the device. Therefore, an essential part of the device will be damaged when the slot is forcefully removed, rendering the device irreparable. Essential hardware can include the laptop battery, RAM modules, and hard drives to only name a few.

What About My Display Monitor at My Workstation?

Dell also manufactures display monitors and other essentials for workstations within an office space or campus setting. Most of this hardware will feature Noble lock slots to serve a similar purpose and ensure that your hardware can be fastened to an immovable object. Legion manufactures a wide variety of laptop and notebook slot locks that feature multiple lock heads for workstations and securing multiple devices with a single cable. Our locks are made from high-end quality materials to ensure that your devices are secure, no matter where or when you use them. We also feature a selection between key operated and combination lock heads to suit your needs.

An Ideal Lock for My Dell Device

Our Legion Wedge Master Key Lock is the ideal laptop and notebook lock for Dell owners. It features a single lock head that is key operated and ideal for Dell Latitude devices. The cable is 2 m for a comfortable reach, made from galvanised high-tensile steel that is sheathed in a dark smoke PVC coating that amounts to a 4,4-mm diameter. The cable and lock mechanism are joined with a swivel cable joint to allow separate movement and avoid any unnecessary tension on the lock mechanism. The locking assembly features a zinc alloy lock body with a tubular key mechanism. The product includes 2 keys, a table clamp and screw, a foam spacer, and a 3-year warranty. Now, you can secure your Dell laptop or notebook wherever and whenever you use it in a public space.

Legion is your first choice when you are looking for a laptop or notebook lock for your Dell device. For more info on our available wedge locks, please browse our website for images and prices on our products. Choose Legion today and enjoy a variety of accessories to protect your electronic devices.

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