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Desktop Locks for Office or Home Usage

Desktop computers are ideal for office or home use where the tower can be stationary and set in place for daily business and personal use. If you are looking for a feasible solution to lock your tower in place and ensure that you discourage theft attempts, Legion is your answer. Computer towers are used in various public spaces, whether it is in an office building, storefront, or college campus. We offer products that are designed to secure these towers in position and deter any attempt to steal them.

LEGION Desktop Lock Kits

A desktop computer has several devices and accessories connected to the tower for input and output purposes. Such devices include monitors, mouses, and keyboards for basic input and output accessibility when using a desktop computer. Our LEGION Desktop Lock Kits provide solutions to lock your tower and connected devices in position with a single product. The Lock Kits are manufactured using galvanised high-tensile steel for the cable and commercial-grade mild steel for the security lock slot. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that your devices will be secure and that the product will hold up against petty theft attempts to either cut the cable or break the lock mechanism.

Our Desktop Lock Kits are ideal for home use as well. People who work from home must ensure that their computers are safe and secure, protecting their valuable assets to continue to work from home efficiently. With our Desktop Lock Kits, you can secure your computer and connected devices to an immovable or very heavy object with ease. We also offer a CPU Box that can be bolted to the floor for optimal computer security in public spaces.


Our CPU Box is designed to deliver a steadfast solution for computer towers that are used in public spaces. This product is ideal for storefronts and busy offices that want to ensure that their hardware cannot be stolen without causing damage to the devices and structures. Our CPU Box offers a customisable steel cage that fits a computer tower inside and bolts to the floor. The cage features ventilation holes as well to ensure that the encaged device can breathe and not overheat during long operating periods. The cage is manufactured from commercial-grade mild steel and powder coated for a professional finish. The lock housing on this cage is made from the same material to deter any attempts to manually break the lock.

The CPU Box is a feasible solution for high-end desktop computers that are operated within high-risk environments. By using commercial-grade mild steel, the frame of the CPU Box is sturdy and heavy, making it difficult to break and easy to bolt down. Once the cage is bolted to the floor, you can rest assured that your device will be safe from petty theft attempts.

Legion is your answer to desktop computer locks and cages for both business and personal usage. We also offer a variety of laptop and notebook locks that fit K-slots and Noble wedge slots. For more info on our products, please browse our website for images and prices. Take your computer security to the next level with us on your side.

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