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Laptops, notebooks, and smartphones are devices that we use daily and in public spaces. These devices grant us access to our email, social media, personal, and business accounts from wherever we are. Therefore, it is crucial to secure these devices when you are in public spaces. Luckily, when it comes to notebooks and laptops, they commonly feature integrated lock slots that allow you to attach your device to an immovable object via a notebook lock. Dependent on the brand, your notebook will feature a specified lock slot that can fit either a wedge or a T-bar lock.

Notebook Locks for HP Devices

HP notebooks and laptops feature a Kensington lock slot that fits a T-bar lock. Commonly referred to as a K-slot, this type of lock slot is popular among many laptop and notebook manufacturers. Manufacturers will position the K-slot on a strategic location on the device that would require removing an essential piece of hardware to access the slot. Therefore, a forceful slot break will result in the device not functioning correctly and being permanently damaged. Now, you can use your HP device in public spaces with a vastly reduced risk of a petty theft attempt.

A K-slot is designed to fit a T-bar lock mechanism. This type of lock mechanism provides a sturdy resistance to any applied force since the lock extends in a perpendicular motion to the slot. Therefore, such a lock will be harder to force out of its socket, causing noticeable damage to the device in the process. Notebook locks can serve as a solution for public workstations as well. Whether it is a storefront, campus, or office, these locks can add to the overall security of hardware and devices by discouraging any theft attempts.

Our Selection of HP Notebook Locks

We offer a selection of notebook locks that are designed to fit a standard K-slot. Since HP notebooks and laptops are fitted with such a slot, our standard Round Key Notebook Lock is an affordable and ideal solution for people who want to use their HP devices in public spaces. The locking assembly is manufactured using commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium. It is attached to a 1,5-m cable that is fastened around an immovable object to secure your device. This cable features a 4-mm diameter, consisting of galvanised steel that is sheathed in clear PVC. As a result, a regular pair of scissors or a pocketknife will not stand a chance to cut the cable.

We also offer our standard Combination Notebook Lock that features a 4-digit combination locking mechanism as opposed to a round key. The cable length on this lock is 1,8 m and also features galvanised steel that is sheathed in clear PVC. Perfect for any HP laptop or notebook that features a K-Slot, this notebook lock has a 3-year warranty and comes with a table clamp, screw, and foam spacer to ensure the security of your device when you use it in public.

Legion is your answer when you are looking for a notebook lock for your HP device. Kensington T-bar locks are robust and able to withstand some force to discourage and slow down any theft attempts on your device. For more info on our available products, please browse our website for images and prices.

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