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Notebook Locks for HP Notebooks

Notebooks, laptops, and tablets have become common devices that travel with us for business and personal use. These smart devices contain access to their owners’ personal and business details, accounts, and passwords. Therefore, it is pivotal to guard them from theft in public spaces. If you are looking for a notebook lock for your HP notebook or laptop, we offer a variety of options that are compatible with Kensington lock slots. These locks are simple and effective, manufactured to provide you with the peace of mind that your device is secure.

What is a Kensington Lock Slot?

Lock slots are located on most laptop and notebook models, with either a T-bar or a wedge lock that fits into the slot. Kensington lock slots are the most common lock slots and are featured on HP notebooks and laptops. These lock slots are designed to fit a T-bar lock, allowing the device to be secured to an immovable structure in a public area. Whether it is an office workspace, college workstation, or hardware outlet, notebook locks are commonly used to ensure that devices are not stolen from the property.

A Kensington T-bar lock is sturdy and ensures that the device will stay attached to the lock mechanically. The lock mechanism can be operated by either a key or a combination lock, with a steel cable that is sleeved in PVC attached to the lock to secure its integrity. We offer both key-operated and combination locks for HP notebooks that feature Kensington lock slots. We also offer wedge locks that are compatible with Noble lock slots if you have a notebook or laptop that does not have a Kensington lock slot.

Affordable Security Solutions

Our LEGION Round Key Notebook Lock features a single-head key lock that is connected to a 1,5-m cable. This lock is compatible with a standard Kensington lock slot size of 3 mm x 7 mm. The cable features a diameter of 4 mm and consists of galvanised steel that is sheathed in clear PVC. The locking assembly is made from commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium. It features a locking device with a round key insert. As a result, you can lock your HP laptop into place when using it in public spaces such as restaurants and airports.

If you prefer a combination lock as opposed to a key lock, our LEGION Combination Notebook Lock can lock hardware with standard locking ports, which includes most HP notebooks. This lock features a 1,8-m galvanised high-tensile steel cable that is sheathed in clear PVC to ensure that standard scissors and knives cannot cut it. The locking mechanism is made from commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium, operated by a 4-digit combination lock. This allows for a large amount of combinations to ensure that your device is secure wherever you are.

Legion is your solution to a variety of laptop and notebook accessories, including locks for HP notebooks. For more info on our products, please browse through our website for details. Protect your devices with our quality products today.

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