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Kensington Locks for HP Notebooks and Laptops

Kensington slots are commonly featured on HP notebooks and laptops, along with a selection of other HP hardware and devices. These slots are incorporated into the hardware’s design, located at a strategic location that requires an essential component such as RAM modules or battery packs to be removed to gain access to the slot. Therefore, these lock slots provide security solutions for owners that use their HP laptops and notebooks in public areas like storefronts, classrooms, or restaurants.

Different Types of Lock Slots

HP notebooks and laptops favour Kensington lock slots that are clearly marked with a slot icon and a capitalised “K”. These slots are 3 mm x 7 mm and fit a T-lock instead of a wedge lock, which would be the case with a Noble lock slot. These slots are 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm, making them easily distinguishable from the K-slot. It is important to correctly identify the type of lock slot on your HP hardware, as it will determine the type of lock slot that you will buy.

How Can a Kensington Lock Protect My HP Laptop?

Legion manufactures and sells a variety of laptop and notebook locks, including Kensington locks that can protect your HP device when using it in a public environment or at home. Our locks feature a locking mechanism that is manufactured from commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium. The locking assembly is attached to a cable that is manufactured from galvanised steel and sheathed in PVC for added resistance. The cable loops around an immovable object, such as a table, to ensure that the device is fastened and would require some effort if someone tries to steal it.

A Kensington lock has a sturdy locking mechanism that offers good resistance to applied force. However, the lock can be broken free from its slot with enough force. At that point, the device will be irreparably damaged as the locking mechanism will cause damage to an essential component that will cause the hardware to malfunction. Therefore, our locks will discourage any petty theft attempts while protecting your personal data and information. Now, you can have the peace of mind that you are protected when using your HP laptop or notebook in public spaces.

Can I Use a Security Lock at Home?

Many people have adopted a work-from-home lifestyle as a result of COVID-19. With the internet as a communication tool, we can use our home PCs and laptops to get the job done easily from a remote location as opposed to sitting in an office. If you are using HP hardware at home, our Kensington locks can serve as a means to secure your devices in your home office in case of a break-in. We also have locks with multiple locks attached to a single cable, giving you the option to secure other devices such as monitors and internet routers as well.

Legion is your first choice when you are looking for trustworthy Kensington locks that can secure your HP laptop or notebook, whether you are working from home of using it in a public environment. For more info on our products, please browse our website for details and prices. Choose us today and secure your HP devices with our products.

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