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Keep Your Laptop on a Short Leash with Quality Laptop Locks

Staying on campus next year and worried about the safety of your device, or are you an office worker using your device in a place where many people congregate? Your device holds all your contacts, passwords, photographs, and important documents and files – but its mobility makes it an easy target for thieves. So, it is important to protect your device and the intellectual property stored on it from being stolen.

Opportunity Makes a Thief

Did you know that in 2018, there were 1,2 million incidences of theft of personal property in South Africa, with laptops high on the list? Whether you have company reports, customer data, notes, artwork, or the next best novel, the cost of losing a laptop is far greater than the value of the hardware itself.

Sure, you could purchase the latest remote-wiping software, which will obliterate your hard drive the moment the thief connects to the internet – but you could also get an affordable, easy-to-use laptop lock. Today, manufacturers equip devices with a small lock slot that works with a lock. Like a bicycle chain lock, these locks are perfect for the campus, home, office, hotel, or anywhere you feel at risk. How they work is simple: find a solid, immovable anchor point and wrap the cable around the object, and your device will become theft-proof.

While locking your laptop to a desk, bed, cubicle wall, or any anchor point may not look so \”cool\”, you will look a lot less \”cool\” without a laptop – especially if you are a student on campus. These security gadgets are an easy and inexpensive way to secure your laptop. They are available in key or combination versions and can be purchased online from Legion Computer Accessories.

Lockdown Your Laptop with Legion

At Legion Computer Accessories, we provide South Africans with the most exceptional range of both combination and key locks to keep devices safe and secure from prying hands. Specialising in the provision of laptop security, we have been supplying the market with top-quality security products for over two decades. With a mission to not just stop thieves in their tracks, but to deter them completely, our locks come in standard lengths that vary between 1,5 m and 2 m, or we can customise a lock to suit your device and needs.

As computer security experts, we believe that securing your device to a durable bag will also help prevent thieves from snatching your device when you are not paying attention. We also provide quality waterproof blacktop loaders, clamshells, over-the-shoulder totes with adjustable straps, and red, black, and blue top-loader bundle carriers that boast a USB wired mouse and a multitude of internal storage compartments. Leaving no one out, we also supply stylish leather backpacks and rolling backpacks with extra padding and compartments to hold cables, drives, chargers, and any other gadgets required.

Today, theft is rife, and keeping devices safe and secure is more important than ever – especially while travelling or when working out in public places. If you are looking for a safe and easy way to safeguard your device, give our locks a try.

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