Kensington Cable Lock

Cable Locks That Fit Kensington Slots

Laptops and notebooks, along with several other types of hardware such as printers and display monitors, are fitted with a security lock slot that fits a specific locking mechanism to attach the device to a cable that is looped around an immovable object. The type of security lock slot on a device will differ, dependent on the preference of the manufacturer and the size of the device itself. Laptops will commonly feature Kensington lock slots but can also feature Noble or NANO lock slots. Luckily, Legion offers an all-inclusive selection of cable locks to fit your device.

Correctly Identifying a Kensington Lock Slot on Your Device

Kensington lock slots, also called K-slots for short, are 3 mm x 7 mm and marked with a “K” and a small lock icon. These slots are easily distinguishable from USB and HDMI slots and are strategically located on the device for intended security measures in the case where the locking mechanism is forcefully broken free from the lock slot itself. In the case of laptops, the slot can be located next to the laptop battery, RAM modules, or display modules. Therefore, if a cable lock is forced form the slot, it would cause irreparable damage to the device – leaving it worthless and protecting your personal data in the process.

How Do I Use a Laptop Cable Lock?

Laptop cable locks feature a lock head that is attached to a cable, operating in an identical manner as a bicycle lock. The idea is to loop the cable around an immovable or heavy object and secure the lock head to the device by inserting it into the lock slot and locking it. In the case of a Kensington lock slot the locking mechanism features a T-bar lock for a robust fit that offers good resistance against applied pressure.

Where and When Can I Use a Laptop Cable Lock?

Wherever and whenever you work on your laptop, you can use your cable lock to secure your device. Whether it is at a workstation in an office or classroom, or at a bar table in a coffee shop, it is always a good idea to secure your mobile device to a heavy object to discourage petty theft attempts. You can even use your lock cable at home if you want to.

Legion’s Selection of Lock Cables

We use commercial-grade steel and alloys to manufacture the lock heads on our lock cables, with a choice between either a round-key operated or 4-digit combination lock. We attach the lock head with a swivel to the cable, which is manufactured from galvanised steel and sheathed in a layer of PVC for optimal resistance against basic cutting tools. Our range includes options for Kensington, Noble, and NANO lock slots, and also features custom solutions to secure multiple devices with a single cable.

Legion is your answer to a wide selection of laptop cable locks that are compatible with Kensington lock slots. Please browse our website for details on our available products and ensure the safety of your mobile devices when using them in public spaces today.

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