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Prevent Computer Theft and Choose a Kensington Cable Lock

We never think that we’ll be the target of laptop theft, but sadly the statistics are not in our favour. A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds in South Africa, and a study by Kensington hypothesised that there is a one in 10 chance of your laptop being stolen in its lifetime. Thus, it is a common occurrence and one that can cause significant trauma. We store vital information on these devices, and if they get into the wrong hands, we could lose important work information, confidential passwords, personal memories, and more.

While it’s not a good idea to live in perpetual fear, prevention is key when it comes to technological-device theft. Investing in a Kensington cable lock could be the difference between you being an unfortunate statistic, and you ensuring the ultimate security of your device and your peace of mind. When it comes to the latter, no amount of money can quantify its value

Kensington cable locks are used in a diverse range of spaces, including libraries, offices, government offices, public workspaces, dorms, and even homes. These security devices work by attaching a cable from your technological device (laptop or desktop computer) to a stationary object such as a table or chair. They thus deter crime by ensuring that your computer is firmly and securely attached to an immovable object. These cable locks can be secured with either a key or a combination password. This deters protentional theft and keeps your device safe.

Why Buy a Kensington Cable Lock from Us?

When it comes to Kensington cable locks, we have an array of products to suit different devices and models. Whether you want to protect your desktop computer, laptop, or notebook, we have a product to suit your needs. We have been in the business of computer security since 1998 and are thus passionate about all things related to securing these devices.  We offer a comprehensive warranty on all our items and thus strive to offer customers quality products that are built to last. We strive to keep on top of developing market needs and are always eager to expand our range to meet the current demand.

If you’re looking to enhance your computer security, then chat to us about our range of Kensington cable locks. One of our friendly team members will happily chat with you about our various products and advise you on the best solution for your security needs and your particular device.

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