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Types of Notebook and Laptop Lock Slots

Notebooks and laptops are some of the most commonly used mobile smart devices around the world. Functioning as a mobile personal computer, we use our notebooks and laptops for everything, whether it is online banking, social media, or work-related emails. As a result, these devices store most of our personal and sensitive information, making them juicy targets when they are used in public spaces such as airports and restaurants. If you are looking for a way to secure your device when using it in public, our range of notebook locks is your solution.

Notebooks and laptops commonly feature lock slots that fit notebook locks. The 2 most popular lock slots are Kensington and Noble slots. These slots are strategically located and attached to an essential component of the device to ensure that forceful removal would damage such a component, discouraging the theft of such a device that is connected to a lock. The lock mechanism is plugged into the lock slot of the notebook or laptop, attached to a cable that goes around a solid and immovable object or structure. In practice, such a lock works in a similar fashion as a bicycle lock.

The Difference Between a Kensington and Noble Lock Slot and Mechanism

A Kensington lock slot is 3 mm x 7 mm and fits a T-bar lock mechanism. A Noble lock slot is 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm and fits a wedge lock mechanism. The K-slot is more robust and used on many popular brands such as HP, while the Noble slot is featured on more compact laptops and notebooks, such is the case with Dell models. Both lock mechanisms are held in place by the slot and the structure of the slot itself. Therefore, forceful removal of such a lock mechanism will cause noticeable structural damage to the outer shell of the device. Although it is possible to forcefully break the lock, it will irreparably damage the laptop or notebook. Therefore, thieves will be discouraged to grab your notebook or laptop when it is attached to a notebook lock.

We offer a variety of notebook locks that accommodate Kensington and Noble lock slots. Whether you prefer a lock that is key-operated or works with a combination lock, we have what you need. Our notebook locks feature a standard cable that is manufactured from high-tensile steel and sheathed in PVC plastic to ensure that standard scissors have no chance to cut the cable. The cable is 4,4 mm thick, which means that wire cutters will also take a while to go through it, adding to the security of these notebook locks. Whether you want a standard key-operated lock or a multi-purpose lock that has locks for any lock slot, we have you covered.

In a world where we carry our lives on our notebooks and laptops, it is essential to secure our devices in public spaces. Legion is your first choice when you want notebook cases, backpacks, or locks that are designed to add some security to your devices. Please browse our website for images, prices, and specifications on our available products.

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