Kensington Lock

Increasing Hardware and Device Security in Public Spaces

Notebooks, laptops, and LCD monitors feature lock slots as part of their design to allow you to secure them to an immovable object when used in public spaces. Since these devices have become such an integral part of our lives, they are more frequently used for business and personal purposes. Storefronts that sell notebooks and laptops must ensure that their demo models are secured, as well as office spaces that utilise workstations for their employees. This is where a Kensington lock can be a solution.

What is a Kensington Lock?

A Kensington lock fits into a Kensington slot, or a K-slot for short. These slots are the most common version of lock slots found on most laptops, notebooks, and LCD monitors. The K-slot fits a T-bar locking assembly that sits perpendicular to the slot socket. Therefore, the integrity of the lock is increased and offers more resistance to any force applied to the mechanism. Although it is harder to forcefully break the lock out of its socket, it is still a possibility. Luckily, hardware manufacturers take this element into account.

By placing a Kensington lock slot on a strategic position, an essential piece of hardware must be removed to access the lock slot. Therefore, if such a lock is removed by force, it will permanently damage the device and render it useless. This element discourages petty theft attempts and ensures that your hardware devices are secure within public spaces. If you are looking for a selection of notebook or workstation locks, Legion has you covered. We offer basic round key locks and combination locks to fit your needs and can also assist with Noble wedge locks for Dell devices.

Our Selection of K-Slot Locks

Our notebook and workstation locks come in a variety of options, starting with basic single locks for private use and scaling to multi-locks for workstations. Our Double Combination Notebook Lock features a double-headed 4-digit combination lock with 2 separate combination lock heads, making this product an ideal choice when working with 2 devices on 1 workstation. It features a 1,8-m cable that is 6 mm thick and has an extra 30 cm on a slider for the secondary lock head. It comes with a table clamp, screw, 2 foam spacers, and a 3-year warranty. The cable is made from galvanised high-tensile steel and sheathed in clear PVC.

If you prefer a key lock over a combination lock, our Double Key Notebook Lock features 2 lock heads that fit Kensington slots. The locking mechanisms are made from commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium and fit flat keys to operate them. Therefore, you have options when you want to secure multiple devices at a workstation or display booth within a public space.

Legion is your first choice when it comes to hardware security for workstations. With our wide selection of products, you can secure notebooks, laptops, and LCD monitors that have Kensington lock slots. For more info on our available products, please browse our website for images, prices, and specifics. Secure your hardware today with us on your side.

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