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Kensington Slot Locks for Your Laptop or Notebook

Kensington lock slots are commonly featured on a plethora of electronic hardware as part of their functional designs. These lock slots are marked with a capitalised K next to or on a slot icon that is located next to the K-slot on the device itself. The slot is 3 mm x 7 mm in size, about the same size of a regular USB port. It is important to correctly identify the type of lock slot on your device to fit an accommodating lock slot type into the device when locking it onto an immovable object. Noble lock slots operate with wedge locks, which will not fit a K-slot because of the structural design of the slot itself.

How Does a K-slot Protect My Device?

A K-slot allows the owner of the specific electronic device to plug in a Kensington lock, attaching the device to a cable that wraps around an immovable object, much like a bicycle chain. The slot mechanism deploys a T-lock when locked into the K-slot, safely securing the lock mechanism to the device. Kensington slots are strategically placed next to an essential piece of hardware to discourage forceful removal of the slot from the device. The robust design of the slot would cause irreparable damage and noticeable cosmetic damage to the device in the case of forceful removal. Therefore, criminals will think twice before attempting to steal your device when using it in public spaces such as airports and restaurants.

What Are My Options?

Legion offers a variety of Kensington slot locks that can protect your devices. Our slot locks are available in key operated and combination locks to suit your preferences. They feature galvanised steel cable material that is sheathed in PVC to ensure that the cables cannot be cut with regular pliers, pocketknives, or scissors. The lock mechanisms are manufactured from commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium. We feature single and multiple lock heads on our products to give you a myriad of options when you want to secure your electronic devices that feature Kensington slots.

What About Workstations?

Our Legion Double Combination Notebook Lock is a perfect solution for securing laptops, notebooks, and monitors for workstations within an office space or campus environment. It features 2 Kensington combination lock heads that can lock 2 or more devices into place and secure them to the workstation. The cable’s length is 1,8 m and features a 30-cm slider for the secondary lock head to reach a second device with ease. The cable has a 6-mm diameter that includes its PVC sleeve to make it difficult to cut with regular tools. This product includes a table clamp and screw, along with 2 foam spacers and a 3-year warranty to give you the peace of mind that your devices will be safely secured to the respective workstation.

Legion is your first choice when you are looking for accessories to secure your electronic devices in public spaces. With a wide variety of products to choose from, you are bound to find an ideal slot lock for your K-slot device. For more info on our products, please browse our website for images and prices.

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