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We Manufacture Kensington Slot Locks

Kensington slots, or more commonly known as K-slots, are regularly featured on electronic devices and hardware such as laptops, notebooks, and display monitors. These slots are designed to fit a T-bar locking mechanism to provide strong resistance when someone tries to forcefully remove such a lock from its slot. They are also strategically incorporated in the design and layout of a device, located next to an essential piece of hardware that would render the device useless if damaged or removed. With the T-bar assembly, the cosmetic damage will also be noticeable if the lock is forced from its slot.

How Can I Identify a Kensington Slot on My Device?

K-slots are clearly marked with a capital-letter K that sits next to or inside of a lock icon, which would be next to the slot itself on the device. They are 3mm x 7 mm in size and easily distinguishable from a Noble slot, which is 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm in size. Kensington slots have been in the industry for a few decades now, delivering smart security solutions to use mobile electronic devices in public spaces such as airports, storefronts, and workstations.

How Does a Kensington Slot Lock Protect My Device?

Slot locks that are designed to connect a device to an immovable object via a loop-around that can attach to a desk leg, chair, or any other heavy object in the vicinity. These locks are ideal for almost any environment, even at home. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your device is secure when you use it in a public space, or anywhere else that it can be stolen, a slot lock can be a feasible option. This is where Legion’s wide range of products can be your solution.

Kensington Slot Locks for Personal and Professional Solutions

With COVID-19, many people started working from home, utilising the internet for interactions with their workplace and clients. If you have a workstation at home, you can utilise a Kensington slot lock to secure your laptop, display monitor, and other devices to your desk for added security at home. On top of that, you can utilise slot locks when you use your laptop or notebook in a public space as well.

If you are a storefront owner that displays or utilises electronic equipment that feature Kensington slots, you can secure your equipment by fastening them to immovable or heavy objects to discourage any petty theft attempts. Business and campus owners that provide workstations for their employees or students can take advantage of slot locks to ensure that equipment do not go missing.

Legion offers a wide selection of Kensington slot locks that are available in different configurations and with a choice between combination and round key locks. We use galvanised high-tensile steel that is sheathed in PVC plastic to manufacture the cables that are attached to the locking mechanisms, making them impossible to cut with a standard pair of scissors or a knife. Therefore, you can rest assured that your devices are safe when using one of our lock slots. For more info on our selection of products, please browse our website for details.

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