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Kensington Locks Slots for Your IT Hardware

If you are using PCs, laptops, or notebooks in public environments such as storefronts, classrooms, or airports, Kensington lock slots can assist you to secure your devices to discourage any petty theft attempts. Also called K-slots, these slots are clearly marked with a slot icon and a capitalised “K”, marking a 3-mm x 7-mm slot that fits a T-bar locking mechanism. These slots are common on most leading manufacturers’ hardware that include some monitors, routers, and printers as well.

Our Products

Legion manufactures a selection of Kensington locks that are ideal for business, office, classroom, and home use. Our lock mechanisms are manufactured from commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium, with a selection between combination locks and round-key locks. We also offer Kensington locks with multiple lock heads, allowing you to secure multiple devices with a single cable. The cable attached to the lock head is manufactured from galvanised steel and sheathed in PVC to ensure that the cable offers resistance against standard knives and scissors. The cable loops around an immovable object to secure your devices to that object and avoid any petty theft attempts.

The Function of a Kensington Lock Slot

Hardware that features K-slots would have the slot located next to an essential component. Therefore, if the lock mechanism is forcefully removed from its slot, it will cause damage to the essential component and render the device useless. This protects your personal data and information if you are using a personal device as well, giving you the peace of mind that you are protected if someone manages to forcefully break the lock. It also ensures that thieves will think twice before attempting to break the lock free, as they will be left with a useless piece of hardware.

Kensington Locks for Personal and Home Use

Working from home has become a feasible option for a wide selection of industries, allowing their employees to work remotely to avoid any COVID-19 contractions. Although our homes are not public environments, you can still use your Kensington lock to secure your hardware in the case of a break-in. If you are using multiple monitors, a lock with multiple lock heads is an ideal option, securing your hardware with a single cable. Therefore, you can protect your laptop, notebook, and other hardware at home as well.

Combinations Locks vs Round-Key Locks 

Some people prefer to carry their round keys on their person, while others prefer to have a combination lock that does not require a round key. The round keys are preferrable if you know that you will forget your combination, while the combination lock is ideal if you do not want to carry around a key that can be swiped from you in a public area. Whichever one you prefer; we offer both types of locking assemblies to ensure that you can secure your devices wherever you are.

Legion is your answer when you want to secure your devices that feature Kensington slots while using them in public areas, the workplace, or at home. For more info on our Kensington locks, please browse our website for details and prices. Choose us today and have the peace of mind that your devices will be safer.

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