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Kensington Hardware Locks for Notebooks

The Kensington lock slot is a standardised lock slot that is featured on mobile hardware that include monitors, laptops, and notebooks. These lock slots fit T-bar Kensington lock mechanisms to secure the device to an immovable structure in public spaces. If you are looking for a quality Kensington lock for your notebook, we offer several options to accommodate your needs. We also offer wedge locks for devices that are fitted with Noble lock slots instead.

What is a Kensington Security Slot?

For short, they are called K-slots. These slots were designed as part of an anti-theft system for mobile devices in the 1990s. They have become industry-standard slots for various leading brands and models of laptops, notebooks, and monitors. A K-slot will normally be located in a strategic position of such a device so that the lock installation also prevents the removal of a valuable subcomponent such as a memory module or rechargeable battery, which are commonly the case with notebooks and laptops. Therefore, if a thief tries to remove the lock mechanism by force, they will damage the device as well, if they succeed to overcome the strength and integrity of the T-bar design.

How Do I Know if My Device Has a Kensington Slot?

Although K-slots are quite common, there are some brands and devices that feature other types of security slots as well. A K-slot is usually labelled with a small icon that resembles a padlock with a capital “K”. K-Slots can also be unlabelled, with the slot size usually measuring in at 3 mm x 7 mm. Brands such as Dell and Apple are known to incorporate other security slots that require wedge mechanisms as opposed to the T-bar that is featured on a Kensington lock. Therefore, check the slot type on your device before buying a lock to ensure that the lock will fit and do its job accordingly.

What Can I Expect from a Kensington Notebook Lock? 

Kensington locks are designed to discourage the petty theft of laptops, monitors, and notebooks in public areas that are casually supervised, such as store outlets, offices, and coffee shops. These locks are not impervious but are cleverly designed to damage the device visibly and irreparably when it is forcefully removed, making it less likely for grab-and-runs to occur. The cables on these locks are made from galvanised steel and sheathed in PVC, making it virtually impossible to cut with common scissors and knives.

We offer a variety of Kensington notebook locks, with a choice between key-operated and combination locks to fit your preferences. These locks are handy when travelling with your notebook, as you can secure it in hotel rooms, at an airport, or when you are at a coffee shop. They are also useful for businesses with workstations or storefronts, ensuring that the hardware is more secure on their premises.

Legion is your first choice when you are looking for Kensington notebook locks for your business or personal use. For more info on our available products, please browse our website for K-slot locks and prices. Choose us today and take advantage of our quality notebook locks.

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