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Carrycases, Backpacks, and Lock Cables for Your Laptop/Notebook

Do you need some new and useful accessories for your laptop/notebook? Legion is your solution! We understand the need to take your laptop/notebook with you wherever you go, which is why we manufacture and sell high-quality backpacks, carrycases, and lock cables that are ideal for travelling purposes and using your device in public spaces. With our dependency on computers in today’s world, laptops and notebooks are commonly implemented for academic functions as well.

Laptop Accessories for Students

If you are a student, our Value Backpack is an affordable and functional option that allows you to easily carry your laptop/notebook with you on campus. This backpack is available in black or grey and can accommodate devices of 15,6″ in size. It is manufactured from 210D polyester and gabardine linen and carries a life-time warranty to give you the peace of mind that your backpack s durable enough to handle campus life. Our Value Backpack also has room for stationery and other essentials, such as a laptop cable lock to ensure that your device is secured when using it in the classroom.

If you prefer a carrycase over a laptop backpack, our Value Notebook Carrycase is the perfect alternative solution for you. This clamshell carrycase offers more than enough room for your device and other essentials to fit in a single bag. The laptop compartment fits 15,6″ models and offers an additional 12-mm protection surface. It also comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap when you want to throw the bag over your shoulders to free up your hands.

Laptop Accessories for Travelling Purposes

When you need a laptop backpack that can travel with you around the world, our Executive Backpack is the perfect option. This laptop backpack offers ample room – with 3 separate compartments and an exterior water bottle holder. This backpack is designed to fit a 15,6″ device and carries a life-time warranty to ease your mind that it can take the beatings of consistent travelling. It is manufactured from nylon and designed to combine comfort and spaciousness for the ideal travelling laptop backpack.

For the ladies, we sell a Supreme Ladies Case that features a tote-like design for a fashionable option when it comes to laptop carrycases. This bag features metal clips and grab handles that double as shoulder straps. It comes in black with stylish pinstripes and is manufactured from high-quality nylon to ensure that it is durable as well. The Supreme Ladie Case also features miscellaneous storage compartments that can be used to carry your smartphone, stationery, and business cards. As a result, it is much more than just a laptop backpack or carrycase – giving you a stylish option to carry your device with you.

Legion is your solution to a wide selection of laptop accessories that include backpacks, carrycases, and lock cables in South Africa. Please browse our website for details and prices on our products, and feel free to order directly from us! Get your hands on quality laptop accessories today with our wide range of products at Legion.

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