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Laptop Backpacks and Carry Cases for Sale in South Africa

Are you the owner of a laptop or notebook and in the market for a new laptop backpack or carry case? Legion is your solution in South Africa! We offer a sensible selection of backpacks and carry cases to meet your needs and deliver quality solutions that can last for the foreseeable future. Whether you travel a lot or simply need a carry case for commuting to work or school, our range can deliver an answer to your specific needs!

Why Do I Need a Backpack for My Device?

First, laptops and notebooks are electronic devices. As a result, if they are exposed to the natural elements, they might be damaged. Second, a laptop backpack or carry case is a comfortable and easy solution to take your device with you, no matter where you go. Third, dedicated carry cases and backpacks provide increased protection for your device – reducing the risk of your device sustaining damage during travels. Today, we look at Legion’s selection of laptop backpacks and carry cases to give you a solid idea of what to expect from our products.

The Legion 15,6″ Value Backpack

When it comes to laptop backpacks, the Legion Value backpack is an ideal fit for people who need a simplistic and effective solution. This backpack is perfect for students and people who prefer to travel light. The Value backpack is available in black or grey, is manufactured from 210D polyester and gabardine linen, and carries a life-time warranty to give you peace of mind that this bag can withstand a proverbial beating. It is compatible with 15,6″ devices and has room for your essentials as well.

The Legion 15,6″ Value Notebook Carry Case

If a laptop backpack is not your style, the Legion Value notebook carry case can be a feasible alternative. This carry case features a clamshell design to ensure that your device is properly protected against small bumps and impacts on the carry case. It features a large front-zipped pocket with an organiser to carry your essentials, with a notebook compartment that features 12 mm of extra protection for your device. This carry case also features an adjustable/removable shoulder strap to give you the freedom to carry it in your preferred method. It is compatible with devices that range between 13″ and 15,6″ in size.

The Legion Supreme Ladies’ Case

The Legion Supreme Ladies’ carry case is a top-loading tote bag that is designed to fit a 15,6″ device and has room for all your travel essentials. The grab handles double as shoulder straps to allow you to throw the bag over your shoulder to free up an extra hand. The design features a black pinstripe design with metal clips to give it a unique and striking look and feel. It is manufactured from high-quality nylon and features various miscellaneous storage compartments that range from business card holders to stationery storage.

When you need a new laptop backpack or carry case in South Africa, Legion is your first choice! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and place your order with us today. Treat yourself with a brand-new laptop backpack or carry case with Legion on your side!

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