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Bags and Accessories for Your New Laptop

Laptops and notebooks are portable computers that make our lives easy when we travel and utilise these devices for professional means such as presentations or online meetings. Since these devices are equipped with built-in microphones and cameras, they allow easy access to multimedia communications and productions. If you just bought a new laptop and are looking for some useful accessories, Legion offers laptop bags and cable locks to ensure that you can take your device with you wherever you are and use it safely in public spaces.

Today’s Laptops and Notebooks

In the beginning of the IT era, computers were slugs in comparison to their modern-era equivalents. Laptops and notebooks brought forth a new way to utilise computers, and with the power and accessibility of the internet on top of that, we can be connected to all our personal social media accounts, banking accounts, and work-related email accounts wherever we are. However, this puts a large target on laptops and notebooks that are used in public spaces such as coffee shops, airports, and classrooms. Luckily, our selection of laptop bags and cable locks can ensure that you travel safely with your device.

Our Range of Laptop Bags

At Legion, you will find a selection of laptop bags that are suited to 15,6\” models. We offer 2 distinct bags, with our Value Backpack being first on the list. This backpack is light and thin for a compact solution to carry around your device. It is manufactured from 210D polyester and gabardine linen and weighs only 460 g on its own. This backpack is available in black and grey, features several compartments, and comes at an affordable price to deliver a smart choice for someone who likes to travel light.

Our Executive Backpack is designed to function as a complete backpack with room for your laptop as well. This backpack is available in black and weighs 1,1 kg on its own. It offers 3 separate compartments and has more than enough space for books, stationery, passports, and other travel essentials. It also has an exterior compartment for a water bottle. This laptop bag is manufactured using nylon and comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure its strength and durability.

Complement Your Laptop Bag with a Cable Lock

No matter the type of laptop or notebook you have, you can buy an accommodating cable lock for your device at Legion as well. We offer cable locks that are compatible with Kensington, Noble, and NANO lock slots, which are the most common lock slots that you will encounter on leading brands’ devices. Therefore, you can complement your laptop bag purchase with a compatible cable lock to get the necessary accessories to protect your device when you are on the go and in public spaces.

Legion is your first choice when you need a laptop bag and/or a cable lock in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available products, including specifications and prices, and get your hands on our quality products today. Protect your laptop or notebook in public spaces with Legion on your side.

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