Laptop Carry Cases for Sale in South Africa

Are you looking for a supplier of laptop carry cases and backpacks in South Africa? Legion has you covered! We sell backpacks and cases that have dedicated compartments that fit 15,6″ laptops/notebooks and are ideal options for people who carry their laptops or notebooks with them to class or work. Our laptop carry cases and backpacks can also be your ideal travel companion – serving as carry-on luggage when boarding a plane. As an addition to our bags, we also sell security lock cables to attach your device to a heavy or immovable object when using it in public spaces.

The Function of Laptop Carry Cases

We live in a world where computers are completely integrated into our lifestyles. Whether it is for personal or professional usage, most of us have access to our laptops or notebooks that we use daily. Our range of laptop carry cases gives you the freedom to comfortably carry your device with you, wherever you go. By providing a specifically designed compartment for your laptop/notebook, your device is protected against light bumps and weather exposure during heavy rainfall.

Our selection of laptop carry cases also offers space for other useful items such as stationery, passport holders, and business card holders to only name a few. Therefore, you can utilise the other compartments to have everything that you need in one bag. At Legion, we offer an essential clamshell case that features a standard design for a laptop carry bag. We also feature a tote bag that is specifically designed for the ladies – adding style and fashion to their laptop carry bag.

The Value Notebook Carry Case – Your Essential Choice

The Legion Value notebook carry case delivers everything that you would expect from a laptop carry case. Featuring a large front zipped pocket with an organiser, this clamshell carry case is the perfect option for a professional environment. The notebook compartment features 12 mm extra protection and is ideal for 13″ to 15,6″ devices. The bag has a grab handle and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap when you want to free up your hands while carrying your device.

The Supreme Ladies’ Case – Style and Flare

If you want a uniquely styled laptop carry case, the Legion Supreme Ladies’ Case is your answer! Featuring a top-loading tote bag design, this laptop carry case has grab handles that can easily be thrown over a shoulder to free up your hands. This bag is manufactured from high-quality nylon – featuring a black pin-striped design with metal clips to add to the look.

Pair Your Laptop Carry Case with a Security Lock Cable

When buying a laptop carry case, you can pair your purchase with one of our security lock cables that matches the lock slot on your device. We sell security cables that are compatible with standard K-Slot, nano K-slot, and Noble wedge lock slots to suit your needs.

If you need essential laptop/notebook accessories, Legion is your supplier of laptop carry cases, backpacks, and security lock cables in South Africa! Please browse our website for details and prices on our available products and place your order with us today.

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