Laptop Combination Locks

Combination and Round-Key Locks for Laptops and Notebooks

Laptop cable locks offer a solution to secure your device when using it in a public space to discourage petty theft attempts and protect your personal data in the case where someone tries to steal your device. We offer 4-digit combination and round-key-operated lock heads on our laptop locks, giving you the freedom of choice when buying a cable lock for your laptop or notebook. We also offer cable locks with multiple lock heads that can secure multiple devices on a workstation or a demo station in a store front.

We Manufacture and Sell Quality Products

At Legion, we use commercial-grade mild steel and alloys to manufacture our lock heads. Therefore, you can trust that our combination locks will give you the peace of mind that they are sturdy and can deliver the necessary resistance when someone tries to grab your laptop. The lock head is attached with a swivel to the cable of the lock. The cable is manufactured from galvanised steel and sheathed in PVC plastic to ensure that the cable cannot be cut with basic scissors or a pocketknife. As a result, you can trust the quality of our products to protect your device and personal information.

Combination Locks vs. Round-Key Locks

The choice between combination and round-key locks normally come down to personal preference or the intended use of the lock cable. Round-key locks offer a conventional method of ensuring that the lock head stays in place, while 4-digit combination locks do not require a key to carry around whenever you want to use your lock cable. With 10 000 possible combinations on a 4-digit combination lock, it can take considerable amounts of time for someone else to figure it out, adding to the discouragement of petty theft attempts on your laptop.

Laptop Locks with Multiple Lock Heads

If you are looking for a single combination cable lock for your personal laptop, we offer a variety of choices to fit Kensington, Noble, and NANO lock slots on your device. We also offer cable locks that feature multiple lock heads. These cable locks are ideal for use at work, in a classroom, or at home, where you have multiple devices at a workstation that can be secured with a single cable instead of using multiple cables. We can also assist with custom configurations on your lock cable.

Know Your Lock Slots

Kensington lock slots are marked with a “K” and a small lock icon, favoured by the majority of hardware manufacturers. These slots are 3 mm x 7 mm and fit a T-bar locking mechanism for sturdy and robust resistance when someone tries to force such a mechanism from its slot. K-slots are common on laptops, while Noble slots are more common on notebooks and Dell hardware. This slot is 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm and more suitable for smaller and more compact hardware. As opposed to the K-slot, a Noble slot fits a wedge locking mechanism.

If you are looking for quality laptop cable locks that are available in 4-digit combination or round-key-operated mechanisms, we manufacture and sell cable locks that are compatible with your device. Please browse our website for details on our available products and choose Legion today for your laptop security needs.

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