Laptop Combination Locks

Laptop Combination Locks to Fit Your Device’s Lock Slot

Laptops are useful mobile computers that give us access to our digital platforms, emails, and personal accounts wherever we are. Because of the ease of access provided by these devices, we use them in public areas such as restaurants, airports, and offices. However, this poses a security issue in the case when someone decides to grab your laptop and run. A laptop cable lock can discourage any petty theft attempts and protect your data on your device while in public spaces or at home.

How Can a Combination Cable Lock Protect My Laptop?

Laptops commonly feature lock slots to allow their owners to attach a cable lock to the device. The cable loops around an immovable or heavy object to ensure that someone cannot simply grab the device and disappear. In the event that the locking mechanism is broken free from the lock slot, it will cause irreparable damage to the device by damaging an essential component and rendering the device useless. Therefore, your personal information cannot be accessed directly on the device and it cannot be pawned off because of the noticeable damage.

How To Correctly Identify Your Laptop’s Lock Slot

Laptops are bigger, thicker, and more bulky in comparison to notebooks, commonly featuring Kensington or Noble lock slots. Kensington lock slots, or K-slots, are marked with a capitalised “K” and a small lock icon, with a size of 3 mm x 7 mm to distinguish these slots from regular USB and HDMI slots. Noble lock slots are 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm, making these lock slots even more distinguishable from other slots on your device. Dependent on the brand or manufacturer, your device will feature such a lock slot that you can utilise to protect your device and personal data wherever you go.

Buying a New Laptop for 2022

A combination of software and hardware developments in the IT world commonly leads to us buying new computers to keep up to date with it all. The latest development sees Windows 11 launching recently – a brand-new operating system from Microsoft. This new OS redefines the way an operating system utilises the available resources on a computer, with high requirement levels that could lead to you replacing your old laptop with a new one. Luckily, we offer a wide range of round-key and combination cable locks that are compatible with K-slots, Noble slots, and NANO slots. Therefore, if you buy a new laptop, you can get a cable lock from Legion to go with your new device right away.

Laptop Combination Locks for Workstations

Legion also offers cable locks that feature multiple lock heads to allow you to attach several devices to a single cable – ideal for workstations at the office or at home. Now, you can secure your laptop, display monitors, and any other external hardware that features a lock slot without the need to buy a cable lock for each individual device. Please browse our website for details on our available products and enjoy a plethora of choices that include combination and round-key locks, along with single or multiple lock heads on 1 cable lock. Secure your hardware today with Legion on your side.

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