Laptop Combination Locks – The Campus Deterrent

Laptop Combination Locks: The Key to Deterring On and Off Campus Laptop Pinchers

What are you doing to keep your laptop from walking off without you? What are you doing to keep your laptop from walking off without you? Most of us have been robbed of something valuable, or we have had a friend lose their laptop or smartphone to a mugging. It happens. You worked late in the library to get an assignment in on time. You fell asleep and woke up with your laptop nowhere in sight. You have just become another statistic.

Hundreds of Laptops Are Stolen On and Off Campus Each Month

Every month, the SAP receives numerous reports of stolen laptops on university campus, off-campus, or at student housing. According to theft reports, many of those stolen laptops were the result of students leaving their tablets exposed. Whether it is a car smash-and-grab, a coffee shop snatch-and-run, or a daylight robbery right under your nose, it can take less than 10 seconds for a thief to grab a laptop and disappear.

Today, everyone needs a laptop, but not everyone can afford one, making them one of the hottest items sold on the black market. Whether you use your laptop in public spaces, you share a room with a student that may or may not forget to lock the door, or you are a student that spends most evenings at the library working on assignments – whatever your reasons – a combination lock is going to be the best way to protect your investment.

What are Combination Locks?

Almost every laptop since the mid-1990s has a small, rectangular slot called the “Kensington Lock”. By attaching a combination lock, you are able to anchor the laptop to something secure like a table, desk, burglar bars, or even a wardrobe. It works like a bicycle chain lock. You find a large, immovable object,  and wrap the metal cable around it, locking it with a combination lock.

We Are the Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Computer Security Gadgets

While keeping your laptop safe and secure on and off campus takes good common sense, it also takes one of the many quality combination locks from Legion Computer Accessories. As one of the leading laptop security experts in South Africa, we provide several combination locks that range from standard, double, and wedge lock heads, to executive locks.

We also provide a stylish, classic selection of premium-quality leather and waterproof laptop bags that come in a variety of colours, shapes, and styles. Whether you are a student or an executive, we have everything you need to keep your investment productive, safe, and secure.

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