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The majority of mobile and external hardware features a lock slot as part of their design. Such a lock slot is purposefully designed to fit a locking mechanism that allows the owner of the hardware to attach it to an immovable object or structure. This comes in handy when using a laptop in a public space such as an airport or restaurant. If you are looking for a laptop lock cable that will fit your laptop’s lock slot, Legion offers a wide selection that are compatible with K-slots, Noble slots, and Nano slots.

How Do I Know Which Type of Lock Slot is on My Device?

Leading hardware manufacturers generally use either K-slots or Noble slots on their products. Nano slot are also used on smaller and more compact devices such as notebooks. Dependent on the brand and/or the size of your laptop, your device will have an accommodating lock slot that is strategically located next to an essential component. Therefore, if a lock head should be forcefully broken free from the slot, the damage would cause the device to be permanently damaged as a result of damage to an essential component.

Kensington lock slots, also referred to as K-slots, are marked with a “K” and a lock icon adjacent to the slot. K-slots are 3 mm x 7 mm, making them stand out from regular USB and HDMI slots. Normally, such a slot will be located on the side of the laptop along with the other slots. A K-slot fits a T-bar lock head that turns into place when locked. This ensures a sturdy and robust fit that provides proper resistance to any applied force. Lenovo and Acer are some of the many brans that incorporate K-slots and can also feature Nano slots on their hardware.

Noble lock slots are 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm, making the slot gap noticeably different and unique from K-slots and regular USB and HDMI slots. These lock slots are designed to fit a wedge lock as opposed to a T-bar mechanism. As is the case with the K-slot, lock heads that are broken free from a Noble slot will cause irreparable and noticeable damage to the device it was attached to. Dell is one of the leading hardware and computer suppliers and manufacturers, favouring Noble lock slots on their devices and products.

Legion’s Range of Products

Legion manufactures and sells laptop lock cables that are compatible with K-slots, Noble slots, and Nano slots. We use commercial-grade steel and alloys to manufacture our locking mechanisms, with a choice between either a round-key or combination lock. These locks are attached to cables that are manufactured from high-tensile steel and sheathed in PVC for optimal resistance when someone tries to cut the cable with regular scissors or a pocketknife. We also manufacture lock cables that feature multiple lock heads to ensure that you can attach multiple devices with a single cable to an immovable object.

Legion is your first choice when it comes to laptop cable locks in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available products and take care of your laptop when you use it in public spaces.

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