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Secure Lock Cables for Your Laptop

Laptop owners have the benefit of taking their work with them wherever they are. Laptops are great for travel purposes as well, giving you a mobile computer that you can open and use whenever you want, even on an airplane. With the ease of access that laptops provide to social media platforms, banking apps, and business emails, our laptops carry precious information that could lead to account hacks if your device is stolen. Therefore, it is important to secure your laptop’s safety when using it in public spaces.

Using a Laptop Cable Lock

Laptops are fitted with lock slots that are used as a security measure when using your device in a public area. These lock slots are designed to fit a locking mechanism that is attached to an immovable object to discourage any grab-and-run theft attempts. With a cable lock, your laptop can be attached to heavy desks, coffee tables, and similar objects that would provide enough resistance when someone yanks on the cable itself. Although it is possible to break the locking mechanism free from the lock slot, it will cause irreparable damage, as the lock slot is carefully placed next to an essential component of the device.

Which Cable Lock Should I Use?

Laptops have different types of lock slots, dependent on the brand and type of laptop that you own. Commonly, there are 2 types of lock slots when it comes to laptops – Kensington slots and Noble slots. Kensington slots, or K-slots, are 3 mm x 7 mm and marked with a “K” and a small lock icon. These slots fit T-bar locking heads. Noble slots are 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm, fitting a wedge lock as opposed to a turn-in T-bar. K-slots are more common than Noble slots.

Legion’s Selection of Laptop Lock Cables

Legion manufactures and sells a selection of laptop lock cables that are compatible with K-slots, Noble slots, and Nano slots. We use commercial-grade steel and alloys to manufacture our locking heads, attaching them to galvanised steel cables that are sheathed in PVC. As a result, you can trust that our products are made with quality materials to ensure that the cable cannot simply be cut with basic scissors or a pocketknife. We also offer custom solutions for lock cables with multiple locking heads to secure multiple devices with a single cable.

Where and When can I Use a Laptop Lock Cable?

Laptop lock cables can be used everywhere, from airports to your home office. Working from home is quickly becoming the new trend for several businesses. This leads to people investing in a workstation at home, utilising several display monitors, docking stations, and other hardware on their desks. If you need a lock cable that can secure multiple devices with a single cable, our solutions have you covered. Therefore, our products can also assist in ramping up your workstation security at home.

Legion is your first choice when you are looking for laptop lock cables in South Africa. Feel free to browse our website for details on our products, such as specifications and prices. Ensure your laptop’s safety with us on your side.

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