Laptop Lock Cables for Sale in South Africa

Do you need a laptop lock cable that is compatible with your device’s specific lock slot? Legion is your first choice in South Africa! We manufacture and sell lock cables that feature lock heads for K-slot Standard, K-slot Nano, and Noble wedge lock slots respectively. We also sell a sensible selection of backpacks and carry cases for laptop and notebook owners – giving you a feasible option to travel with your device. Today, we discuss the functionality of a laptop lock cable, where you can use it, and how it can protect your device and personal information.

How Does a Laptop Lock Cable Work?

A laptop lock cable is specifically designed to fit into your device’s lock slot. There are different lock slot types – each fitting a different type of locking mechanism – to ensure optimal security solutions that fit specific laptops and notebooks. The lock cable loops around a heavy or immovable object and plugs into your device’s lock slot to attach your device to that specific object in a similar way to a bicycle chain. As a result, someone cannot simply grab your device and make a run for it.

Where Can I Use a Laptop Lock Cable?

A laptop lock cable can be used almost anywhere. For the most part, people use these cables in public spaces that include restaurants, airport lobbies, classrooms, and offices. These cables can also be used in storefronts to protect demo devices from petty theft attempts. Workstations require laptop lock cables with multiple lock heads to allow multiple devices to be secured with a single cable. Legion offers a variety of multi-lock cables and can provide custom solutions for specific workstations as well.

How Does a Laptop Lock Cable Protect My Device?

A laptop lock cable’s primary function is to discourage petty theft attempts on your device. Another added benefit is the location of the lock slot on your device – causing irreparable damage to an essential component that is adjacent to the lock slot on your device. This component can include the battery, a display module, or a RAM module – rendering the device useless and protecting the personal information on your device in the process.

The Legion Double Combination Notebook Lock

When you need a laptop lock cable that features multiple lock heads, the Legion double combination notebook lock is your ideal choice! This lock cable features 2 distinct lock heads to ensure that you can attach your laptop and display monitor with a single cable. This cable is 1,8 m in length, with an additional 30 cm cable on a slider for the secondary lock head. The lock assemblies feature 4-digit combination locks that can have 10 000 possible combinations and are manufactured from commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium. The cable includes a table clamp with a screw, 2 foam spacers, and a 3-year warranty.

Legion is your answer when you want to buy a laptop lock cable for your device! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and place your order with us directly today. We also sell backpacks and carry cases for laptops and notebooks!

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