Laptop Lock Cables for Sale in South Africa

When you want to buy a laptop lock cable for your device, Legion is your first choice in a supplier in South Africa! We sell an all-encompassing selection of security lock cables that are compatible with K-slot Standard, K-slot Nano, and Noble lock slots. Our cables come in a variety of configurations as well, and we can assist with custom solutions for workstations, offices, and storefronts. In this article, we discuss the functionality of a laptop lock cable and how you can utilise such a cable when working on your device in public spaces.

The Function of a Laptop Lock Cable

Laptops, notebooks, display monitors, gaming consoles, and several other devices feature security lock slots that fit lock cables. The purpose of these slots is to give the owner the means to secure such a device to a heavy or immovable object, especially within a public environment. This will not only discourage petty theft attempts, but also protect the sensitive information that can be accessed on personal devices. The strategic location of a lock slot is usually adjacent to an essential component of the device, which means that the device will be rendered useless when someone manages to forcefully remove a security lock cable from such a device.

Lock Slot Types

There are 3 common lock slot types that are used on mobile devices today. These consist of K-slot Standard, K-slot Nano, and Noble lock slot types: where the K-slots use perpendicular T-bar locking mechanisms; and the Noble lock slots fit wedge locking mechanisms that expand vertically. The K-slot T-bar lock slot delivers sturdy and robust resistance to any pressure being applied to the locking mechanism and is suited to larger devices that offer sufficient vertical space for the rotating mechanism. However, there are thinner and smaller devices as well, which is where the Noble lock slot comes into play.

The Noble lock slot fits a wedge locking mechanism that expands horizontally as opposed to relying on vertical or circular rotation. This allows for slimmer devices to be secured with a cable lock that offers similar solutions in comparison to its K-slot counterpart. Dependent on the manufacturer and size of your device, you must match your laptop lock cable with the specific lock slot that is featured on your device.

How Do I Know Which Lock Slot is on My Device?

K-slots are commonly used on various mobile devices. The Standard K-slot is 3 mm x 7 mm and marked with a lock icon and a “K”. The Nano version of the K-slot is 2,5 mm x 6 mm and marked similarly. If your device has a Noble lock slot, look for a slot that has a size of 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm. Such a slot is common on specific manufacturer models that are normally smaller and thinner than standard-sized laptops and notebooks.

Legion is your supplier of laptop cable locks in South Africa! Our wide selection covers single lock head options, as well as cables with multiple lock heads that can be ideal for workstations and storefronts. Please browse our website to find your ideal fit and place your order with us today!

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