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Theft is a fact of life here in South Africa and worldwide, which is a sad, but very true situation. Theft may be thought of as petty by some, because it usually implies that no one was harmed or injured.

Your Life on Your Laptop

Nonetheless, try telling that to someone who has just lost their laptop to a thief’s sticky fingers. It is cold comfort, because one’s notebook invariably contains completed work and important correspondence-related information, treasured pictures and video recordings, and probably information of a personal nature too.

Irretrievable Loss

Having your mobile device stolen, especially your laptop, may feel akin to losing a limb, once taken for granted, only to realise later how much of your daily life is contained in the memory of your machine. It is an invasion of privacy, typically also representing the irretrievable loss of records that you would have saved.

Easy Targets for Theft

Smaller mobile items are favourite targets for thieves. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to conceal and sell on to a ready second-hand market that does not question products’ origin. Your machine may be next to you at your workplace or a public venue. You turn your back for a moment or become distracted by someone else, and that is all it takes for a brazen thief to take off with your device, undetected.

Locks by Legion

At Legion Computer Accessories, our principal mission is this: we seek to help you “safeguard your valuable assets and computer equipment against theft“, as indicated on our website’s home page. We offer two ranges of high-quality laptop securing products – combination locks and key locks, which are designed for quick, simple, and easy use, and are furthermore a very effective means of safeguarding your invaluable electronic property.

For your convenience and flexibility in the placement of your laptop, standard cable lengths vary between 1,5 m and 2 m. Nevertheless, we are able to accommodate unique custom designs, additional components, and longer cable lengths than those that are standard in our locking devices.

Combination Systems

  • No keys are required
  • Six models from which to choose
  • All offer a three-year warranty
  • Variety of locking heads to accommodate various lock assemblies

Key Operated Range

  • Eight options
  • Available for an array of slot locking ports
  • Are supplied with two keys, a table clamp with a one-way screw, and foam spacer
  • Three-year warranty on locally manufactured products, whilst two PORT products in this range offer a two-year warranty
  • Certain options feature a push-to-lock system

Prevention (of theft) is always better than cure (an insurance claim and notebook replacement). Do not take a chance with the security of your laptop. Lock up and keep your device safe with Legion Computer Accessories.

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