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K-Slot and Noble Wedge Laptop and Notebook Locks

In the modern age where the internet keeps us connected to everything, we utilise mobile computers and devices such as laptops, notebooks, and smartphones to give us access to our accounts from wherever we are. When we use laptops and notebooks in public spaces, there is always a risk of our devices being stolen in an instant. This is where Legion’s laptop and notebook locks can be a solution, discouraging petty theft attempts by locking your device to an immovable or heavy object.

How Does a Laptop Lock Work?

Laptops and notebooks are fitted with lock slots that fit either a Kensington T-lock or a Noble wedge lock. K-slots are common on most mobile devices, marked with an uppercase K and a little lock symbol above the slot. Noble slots are designed for slimmer and smaller devices, fitting a slim wedge lock instead of a bulky T-lock. A laptop lock is designed to fit these slots accordingly. The lock mechanism slides into the lock slot and locks into place with a key-operated or combination mechanism. This mechanism is attached to a sturdy cable that is looped around an immovable or heavy object, attaching your device to the object in the same way that a basic bicycle chain would.

The position of the lock slot on the device is strategically located next to an essential piece of hardware, meaning that the device will not properly function when the lock mechanism is manually forced out of its socket. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that your device is safer when using a laptop lock in public spaces. We offer a variety of laptop and notebook locks that are available with key locks or combination locks to suit your needs. These locks are ideal for business and personal purposes.

The Difference Between Kensington and Noble Locks

K-slots fit Kensington locks that are designed as a T-lock to offer robust resistance to any physical tampering. These slots are the most common on the majority of laptops and notebooks. They are harder to force out of their sockets and would cause irreparable damage to the device, making for an ideal way to discourage petty thefts. With the development of smaller and slimmer hardware, Noble designed a wedge lock slot that is ideal for slimline devices.

Noble laptop lock slots fit wedge locks that extend once they are locked into the socket for a perfect integrated fit. These locks are as efficient as Kensington locks, also located next to an essential piece of hardware that will irreparably damage the device when forcefully removed. We manufacture laptop locks using galvanised high-tensile steel that is sheathed within PVC for the cables and commercial-grade mild steel for the lock mechanisms. We offer our lock slots with a key-operated or combination lock mechanism to fit your preferences. Therefore, you can secure your devices when using them in public spaces such as restaurants and airports.

If you are looking for quality products to secure your laptops, notebooks, and desktop computers, Legion is your solution. For more info on our available products, please browse our website for images and prices. Take control of your device security today with us on your side.

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