Laptop Security Cable Protection

Protect Your Valuable Devices With a Laptop Security Cable


Times are tough and as such, computer theft in South Africa is on the rise. In a blink of an eye, your most valuable asset can be taken and, with it, a myriad of important passwords, financial codes, and irreplaceable documents. Added to this is the loss of those things that money just can’t replace, like photographs or videos, your favourite movies, or your prized musical collection. Living in fear of potential theft won’t make you happy or stop those with criminal inclinations. However, choosing a security solution that works will. Investing in a laptop security cable is a cost-effective way to protect your computer and give you peace of mind.

Laptop security cables offer an effective and easy way to protect your precious devices when you are out in public. They offer the first line of defence and are a great deterrent to any potential threat. Simply attach the security cable to your laptop and a concrete object like a table or chair leg. This will enable you to work without worry and will keep your laptop secure at all times. It will also give you the freedom to take that call, pop to the bathroom, or have a chat with someone safe in the knowledge that your device will remain secure. Our locks boast high quality and user-ease and come with keys or combination codes. We have an array of locks to suit different computer models and can happily make custom orders if clients need.

Legion Computer Accessories: We Put the Secure in Security

Our range of security solutions is built to last and offer customers ultimate protection when it comes to their laptops, notebooks, tablets, Chromebooks, and even desktop computers. We strive to give our clients durable solutions that last and are truly passionate about security that works. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and thus have extensive experience when it comes to protecting technological devices. Get in touch with us today and we will gladly advise you on the best cable lock for your particular device. Our friendly sales team will take into account your specific needs and budget and offer you a solution that makes you feel secure. We also stock a number of other innovative computer accessories and encourage customers to browse our range of laptop bags, backpacks, screen-privacy filters, and more.

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