Laptop Security Cables

Laptop Cable Locks to Secure Your Device in Public Spaces

People often use their laptops and notebooks in areas where they have time to get some work done, check in on their social media feeds, or go through their emails. These places include airport lobbies and restaurants to only name a few examples. Modern-day education also allows students to utilise their laptops, notebooks, and tablets in the classroom. If you use your laptop in public spaces, we recommend getting a laptop security cable to secure your device and protect your personal data while using your device.

What Is the Purpose of a Laptop Security Cable?

The primary purpose of a security cable that fits your laptop is to discourage petty theft attempts on your device in public spaces. Devices that feature lock slots will be damaged beyond repair in the event that the security cable is forcefully broken free from the lock slot on the device. As the lock slots are strategically placed next to an essential component of the device, the break will cause harm to that specific component causing the device to not function properly and rendering it useless. This also ensures that your personal data is protected, as it cannot be accessed from the device itself.

How Do I Identify a Lock Slot on My Laptop?

Laptops will commonly feature Kensington or Noble lock slots. The Kensington lock slot is 3 mm x 7 mm and marked with a “K” and small lock icon next to it, while the Noble lock slot is 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm. Both these types of lock slots are easily distinguishable from standard USB and HDMI slots. No matter the type of lock slot that is featured on your laptop, Legion has a security cable that is compatible with your device.

The Ideal Laptop Security Cable for Your Device

Legion offers a wide range of laptop security lock cables, featuring a choice between either a round-key or 4-digit combination locking mechanism to suit your preferences. We manufacture the locking mechanisms using commercial-grade steel and accommodating alloys to ensure its durability and levels of resistance to applied force. We connect the mechanisms to their cables with swivels to reduce any unnecessary load on the lock head in the event that the cable twists unexpectedly.

Our laptop security lock cables are manufactured from galvanised steel and sheathed in a PVC layer for optimal resistance against basic cutting tools and any applied force. We also offer cables that feature multiple lock heads to secure multiple devices with a single cable. These custom cables are ideal for people using workstations who want to secure display monitors and other hardware with their laptops. In the end, you can find an ideal laptop security lock at Legion, serving your needs and giving you a simplistic way to protect your mobile devices and hardware.

Legion is your first choice when you need a security cable or a backpack for your laptop. We offer a wide range to ensure that you can buy what you need and that your cable will be compatible with your devices. Please browse our website for an inventory on our available products and secure your laptop when you use it in public spaces today.

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