Laptop Security Cables

Security Cable Locks for Your Laptop or Notebook

Laptop security cables are used to secure the device to a heavy or immovable object when using such a device in a public space such as a coffee shop or airport lobby. On today’s laptops, you are likely to encounter a Kensington or Noble lock slot, dependent on the specific manufacturer and their preference of lock slot. These slots are easily distinguishable from HDMI and USB slots, as they feature unique sizes and can also be marked to identify them correctly. Legion offers a wide range of laptop security cables that are compatible with these types of lock slots.

Identifying the Lock Slot on My Laptop

Kensington lock slots, or K-slots for short, are 3 mm x 7 mm and commonly marked with a “K” and a small lock icon next to the slot. Noble lock slots are 3,5 mm x 4,2 mm and favoured by specific manufacturers such as Dell. K-slots fit a T-bar locking mechanism, while Noble slots fit a wedge locking mechanism. Both provide sturdy fits for optimal resistance against applied force. If you are using a more compact laptop or a notebook, you might also encounter a NANO lock slot. Luckily, you can find laptop security cables at Legion that are compatible with all of these lock slot types.

Business and Pleasure

Laptops are popular mobile devices that we utilise for both work and personal matters. This makes laptops and notebooks easy targets for petty thefts in public spaces, as the thief will not only snatch your device, but also all the sensitive information and personal data on your device. Fortunately, a laptop security cable lock can prevent the loss of any sensitive data in the event that someone tries to grab your device.

When your laptop is connected to a heavy object with one of our security cables, it will be exceedingly difficult to simply grab the device and run away. Should the lock be forcefully broken free, it will cause irreparable damage to the laptop, as an essential component will be harmed. This will render the device worthless, and with the damage to the essential component, not able to function properly. Therefore, your personal data will be safe as well.

Laptop Security Cables for Workstations

At Legion, we offer an extensive range of laptop security cables, available in round-key or 4-digit combination locks that are compatible with K-slots, Noble slots, or NANO slots. We also offer security cables that feature multiple lock heads to secure several devices with a single cable lock. This is ideal for workstations, allowing you to secure display monitors, printers, and other hardware along with your laptop. We offer custom solutions for workstations and can be your answer to cable locks for offices and storefronts as well.

When you are looking for a laptop security cable, Legion is your answer in South Africa. Our website features our available products for you to browse through and order online. Get your laptop security cable today and have the peace of mind that your device is secure when using in public spaces in 2022.

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